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The action of putting something in position or the fact of being positioned.
  1. 'Getting a Soviet visa took months of lying, subterfuge and the judicious placing of bottles of whisky on appropriate desks in Moscow.'
  2. 'The placing of rocks is very important if the feature is to look anything like a natural habitat.'
  3. 'It describes the ceremonial placing of the huge tablet, after being carried past curious villagers.'
  4. 'I've covered stories about the market, and that the traders are complaining bitterly about its current placing (down Horne Lane).'
  5. 'If this placing of the board is not correct, it follows chaos will ensue.'
  6. 'The placing of these signs on the edge of a public footpath is surely a safety hazard in an area used by children and elderly people, especially on dark nights.'
  7. 'The problematic design issues responsible for the delay are believed to surround placing of windows and the size of the housing development.'
  8. 'A good driving position is easy to find and the design and placing of the drilled aluminium pedals is just perfect.'
  9. 'Careful placing of pillows may help with positioning.'
  10. 'His placing of the location of numerous Gothic, Celtic, and other early manuscripts is a virtual travel guide to Old and Middle English biblical manuscripts.'
  11. 'Turnaround times, from the placing of an order to the issuing of the tags, were generally no more than a week and in no case of an approved supplier did turnaround exceed 10 days.'
A ranking one is given during or after a sports race or other competition.
  1. 'I found the choice of finalists and the final placings surprising personally, but there were compensations.'
  2. 'He puts his club's drop in crowds down to their high placing last season.'
  3. 'Uunfortunately due to a mid-season virus suffered by the York rider he missed earlier rounds in the series and was out of the running for a top overall placing.'
  4. 'This was to be a night of celebration, the Dalesmen having achieved promotion to Yorkshire league one, effectively their highest league placing ever, and celebration it certainly was.'
  5. 'This follows their second place and silver medal placing at the 2001 IAAF World Championships in Edmonton.'
  6. 'The men's team finished in a lowly ninth position - their worst placing for 36 years - after losing four of their six games in Athens.'
  7. 'He has also figured in the top ten in the British Championships for the last five years but this year's placing of third is his highest.'
  8. 'The placing takes her on to one of 19 regional finals due to be held countrywide in early March, and from which the top four in each make the national championship.'
  9. 'This is destined to become a great book of the Canadian experience as its constant placing in the nation's best-seller list confirms.'
  10. 'His placing, however, is not good enough to earn him an automatic place in September's European 24-hour Championships.'
A post that is found for a job-seeker.
  1. 'He gave as his official reason for resigning his frustration at what he saw as the chief secretary's post being made redundant by the placing of political appointees in the ministry.'
  2. 'Those basic risks and unique problems cannot be alleviated or removed and can only be addressed by the placing of permanent firefighting staff around the clock.'
A sale or new issue of a large quantity of shares.
  1. 'The company had hoped to raise up to $60m through a placing of five million shares at between $10 and $12 each.'
  2. 'A further £20m will be sold by investors in the company through the institutional placing arranged by Goldman Sachs.'
  3. 'The placing is a big one for the market to swallow, but there is said to be a lot of interest by institutions in the shares.'
  4. 'This deal was announced in the same release that the company announced the share placing which raised approximately stg £1.6 million.'
  5. 'The deals were funded by £14.5m raised in a placing of 72.5 million shares and £37.9m of debt from Bank of Scotland.'
  6. 'The placing raised £270m less than it hoped on Thursday further confirming that shareholders have major doubts about Crosby's strategy.'
  7. 'The market reacted badly to the placing of new shares to help finance the deal which provides Eureko with £250m in cash and £128m in new FP shares.'
  8. 'It also raised €5.7 million after a placing of shares last September.'
  9. 'The placing is believed to have been oversubscribed by two and a half times.'
  10. 'It has been muddling through with sub- £1m share placings and the sale of warrants, but a bigger placing is now being mooted.'
  11. 'The placing shares will in fact cost HK $10.77 each, as Hang Lung has proposed to pay 33 cents a share as a final dividend.'

More definitions

1. a particular portion of space, whether of definite or indefinite extent.

2. space in general: time and place.

3. the specific portion of space normally occupied by anything: The vase is in its place. Every item on the shelf had its place.

4. a space, area, or spot, set apart or used for a particular purpose: a place of worship; a place of entertainment.

5. any part or spot in a body or surface: a decayed place in a tree.

6. a particular passage in a book or writing: to

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