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Not easily upset or excited.
  1. 'Two open carriages each pulled by a pair of placid horses had begun to make their parking lot rounds when I sat down.'
  2. 'The placid, short-legged Ryelands suited the purpose, but have not been kept by the Royal Family since those days.'
  3. 'His placid nature and sense of humour instilled confidence in patients seeking counselling.'
  4. 'In actual fact, any individual on the drug was so mild and placid, they stood more chance of being mugged themselves than causing a problem to anyone else.'
  5. 'Chewie was just one-year-old whereas a lot of the other dogs were six or seven-years-old and a lot more placid but as long as Jessica is grooming him he is happy.'
  6. 'He's more placid, but can still be unpredictable and difficult.'
  7. 'For years, he was a placid, unobtrusive student of his, but he's emerged from the long shadow cast by his mentor.'
  8. 'Then a genuine live television moment happens, the sort of occasion that could induce hyperekplexia in the most placid soul.'
  9. 'Despite his life going downhill, he was still described by people who knew him as a gentle, placid, easy-going, amiable man.'
  10. 'Normally, a placid, laissez-faire type, I began saying mean things about other drivers.'
  11. 'the placid waters of a small lake'
  12. 'I had no ambition of asking for a luxurious house by a placid lake from my husband because I was used to hearing airplanes every day.'
  13. 'But every one or two minutes, the placid water erupts in an explosion of mud, followed by a plume of white steam.'
  14. 'The sea was so calm and placid on top but underneath, it was as busy as a train station.'
  15. 'The Ouse may look placid, but it is cold, wide, deep and fast-flowing.'
  16. 'It showed in her movements, those fine steps and twists that were as smooth as prized silk and as calm as the placid lake on a sunny day.'
  17. 'Ironically, the day of the Great Invasion was a very calm and placid one.'
  18. 'Despite the placid surface that suggested a serene dream, he twitched occasionally, as if his eyes would burst wide awake.'
  19. 'When the wind blows, it can be a fearsome proposition, yet, like all links, it is vulnerable when the weather is calm and placid.'
  20. 'At the southern tip of the city, another enterprising group is trying to market the placid backwaters of rural Kerala.'
  21. 'Their somewhat placid life is disturbed when an old friend comes to stay.'

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1. pleasantly calm or peaceful; unruffled; tranquil; serenely quiet or undisturbed: placid waters.

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"people can be placid of places."

"people can be placid during losses."

"babies can be placid through sorts."

"people can be placid."

"surfaces can be placid."

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Early 17th century: from French placide, from Latin placidus, from placere ‘to please’.