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A particular position, point, or area in space; a location.
  1. 'the monastery was a peaceful place'
  2. figurative 'he would always have a special place in her heart'
  3. 'It's also at the centre of our metropolitan areas, the main streets, these great places that we once had in every town.'
  4. 'While working full-time at the BBC, I spent about four years flying to quite faraway places to film on location.'
  5. 'Big cities are intimidating places even when you speak the language and know where you're going.'
  6. 'Such a pessimistic view of a place once described as a paradise is unacceptable.'
  7. 'We usually name public places and spaces after the big shots or big donors.'
  8. 'Aberdeen, as a city and as a club, still have a big place in my heart.'
  9. 'Well, I suppose it isn't one of the most remote places on Earth for nothing.'
  10. 'Most nodded approvingly, for this region has a big place in the hearts of many Azeris.'
  11. 'The paradigm of the open space as a public place must be promoted better across the country.'
  12. 'The lane of Meimeili near the road was the place accommodating most comfort houses in this area.'
  13. 'The course is tough, it is rough in places, it is challenging.'
  14. 'I also remember the last time I painted I used my hands in places.'
  15. 'A huge thing, the wreck was 380 ft long with a beam of 75, and in places comes within a metre or two of the surface.'
  16. 'It's serious and supposedly scary in places, but it's just so incredibly over-the-top that it loses all impact for me.'
  17. 'Even now, although this land is being developed in places in the village, there are still vast areas left undeveloped.'
  18. 'Attention to road surfaces and footpaths is also required in places.'
  19. 'He was never going to be happy on a surface that resembled a bog in places but he was the second Irish finisher in the junior event.'
  20. 'My jaw was broken in two places, and more than 16 pins were needed to wire my jaw in place.'
  21. 'the town has many excellent eating places'
  22. 'They go to the Scarlet Bar, because of course it is the only place to eat lunch in Erinsborough.'
  23. 'Glasgow's reinvention is no more apparent than in the West End, which now has a string of very decent places to eat and trendy pubs.'
  24. 'The mayor granted the permit on the condition that the building did not serve as a place of worship.'
  25. 'Community centers, museums, and places of worship also might be used for this purpose.'
  26. 'It is also the location of many business places including food outlets.'
  27. 'As soon as there is a demand for 50 or more child care places in a location, it plans to open a centre there.'
  28. 'There are huge pedestrian walk ways and squares with theatres, museums and places to eat and drink.'
  29. 'The Romans used their gardens very much as we do today, as a place for family activities.'
  30. 'On the whole then, restaurants are great places to eat in, but perhaps not that good as an investment.'
  31. 'What we have now is a splendid modern building, a place of worship and a resource centre for the whole community.'
  32. 'what about dinner at my place?'
  33. 'We finished our meal with a bottle of wine and went back to his place to watch anime dvds.'
  34. 'I spent a lot of time hanging out at their place and the books were always out in the open.'
  35. 'I'm still nursing my head after a heavy night at my place with dinner guests.'
  36. 'I must have lost my place in the script'
A portion of space designated or available for or being used by someone.
  1. 'Jackie had saved her a place'
  2. 'They took their places in the studio, but as the show unfolded the running order started to change.'
  3. 'As you couldn't reserve the table, it was up to you to arrive early for dinner to secure your place.'
  4. 'Just visit the pier any weekend, summer or winter, and you'll see the dive-school vans parked in their regular places.'
  5. 'Grandfather was already in his place and Anna slid into the chair next to his.'
  6. 'Forty places for cars are available in the underground car park under the supermarket.'
  7. 'I had to work, but my daughter went in my place and had dinner with the band.'
  8. 'he was offered a place at Liverpool University'
  9. 'The children have been offered places at Sandal Primary in Baildon, or schools in Shipley, Menston and Guiseley.'
  10. 'City of York Council says it has lost 119 places in nursing and residential homes after closures in the past year.'
  11. 'The facility has got off to a flying start with most of the places already filled.'
  12. 'Since 1997 they have also been allowed to offer similar places to eligible Australian students.'
  13. 'In England, undergraduate places have already been increased to help raise the number of new doctors.'
  14. 'This is because there is nowhere else for them to go, thanks to a severe shortage of places in care homes.'
  15. 'Seven sixth form students from Bootham School in York have been offered places to study at Cambridge or Oxford universities.'
  16. 'He has been offered places in assisted care homes in Boston Spa and Wakefield, but wants to stay near his family in York.'
  17. 'She has been offered a place to study politics and modern history at Oxford.'
  18. 'In the long-term, a significant increase in places at dental schools is also expected to try to plug a severe shortage of dentists.'
  19. 'We really do not have a proper place to keep them, as anyone can plainly see in the photo.'
  20. 'In the end everything is neatly resolved and people are put in their proper place.'
  21. 'Normal service is now resumed, and all the images should be repointing to the proper place.'
  22. 'I place my stuff onto the bed and put the items back to their proper places.'
  23. 'Mark Gosche slips nineteen places from his 2002 ranking, reflecting his lack of profile.'
  24. 'In comes a calm, regionally balanced economy with the housing market in its proper place.'
  25. 'He placed the pendulum and ring back in their proper place and turned around to leave the room.'
  26. 'occupation structures a person's place in society'
  27. 'It does not matter where their place is in society as long as we give them an incentive to better themselves.'
  28. 'To retain its influential place in Polish society, the church has to decide which way its future lies.'
  29. 'Any political action stepping outside their traditional place in society risked a backlash.'
  30. 'We allow it to consume us until it is not our place in the world that matters so much as how the outside world fits into what we think we have.'
  31. 'They have a place in this society, and mad leadership is not a thing that should prevail.'
  32. 'People go to jail these days, and when they come out they blithely resume their place in society.'
  33. 'If you receive more cards than you send, your place in society is assured.'
  34. 'His obsession with place and status had brought his career to an ironic and tragic end.'
  35. 'I'm sure she has a story to tell, but it's not my place to ask'
  36. 'A lot of people say I should take them off like my guests but it's not my place to do that.'
  37. 'I will not judge any of them for it is not my place to judge the sins and virtues of my fellow man.'
  38. 'That guy had a massive impact on me and it was a huge reminder that it is not my place to judge the lives of others.'
  39. 'It's not my place to speak on behalf of the RSA so you'll just have to wait for the full story.'
  40. 'How could she even dare to become part of the very play itself when it was not her place?'
  41. 'Obviously, the answer does not satisfy the member, but that is not my place as Speaker.'
  42. 'He himself has kept his counsel this week, insisting that it is not his place to defend himself.'
  43. 'It's not my place to give advice on how artists should set themselves up.'
  44. 'It's not my place to say anything, I suppose, because I derolled her a long while back.'
  45. 'All three have their important place in the law of torts, but the liability attached to them will differ.'
  46. 'Bulgaria will have an important place to play in any book that he writes about this.'
  47. 'I think flood irrigation is going to have an important place here for a long time.'
  48. 'This is a remarkable work which gives him an important place in the history of probability.'
  49. 'I am sure that the book will find a place as a text in schools and at an introductory level in universities.'
  50. 'But if you obey and teach others its commands, you will have an important place in the kingdom.'
A position in a sequence or series, typically one ordered on the basis of merit.
  1. 'Inevitably, the victory earned him the order of merit title, swapping places with Bradley who had captured it last year.'
  2. 'In Mexico this month, although seeded two, she lost to Carla who is ranked ten places below her.'
  3. 'Her opponent was ranked 16 places above her.'
  4. 'The British number eight showed all his Yorkshire grit to beat a player ranked more than 200 places above him in the world.'
  5. 'Yet the site has risen by 10,000 places and is now ranked at 30,000 over the last 3 months.'
  6. 'He used the image of a guest at a banquet who chooses the lowest place in order to be seen being elevated to a higher one.'
  7. 'He may be occupying a place lower in the pecking order, but they started with far more purpose.'
  8. 'The weight of an athlete's first lift determines their place in the starting order.'
  9. 'Despite being ranked more than 850 places below his opponent, he is settling well and holds serve to 15.'
  10. 'For all these reasons the second, third and fourth places could make interesting reading.'
  11. 'How we roared, jumping in anticipation of a well earned place at the finish.'
  12. 'Not only did Max lose his third place, he even jeopardized his participation in the second race.'
  13. 'Pole position and a second place in the race made a great weekend for him and for the whole team.'
  14. 'He had a good trip to Solihull, having a first place and champion at the Heritage besides second, third and fourth places.'
  15. 'He had a first and two second places at Mallory Park, a third and fourth at Cadwell Park and second, third and fourth at Snetterton.'
  16. 'He brought the car in on lap 90 for fuel and resumed his race in third place.'
  17. 'Brian has raced around the UK and Europe for many years and won more than 50 races with 35 second places.'
  18. 'Kim Young was in second place after the third round but finished the final fourth round at four over par.'
  19. 'Nonetheless, with two wins and two second places in his last four tournaments, he remains favourite to capture the money title.'
  20. 'accurate reportage takes second place to lurid detail'
  21. 'calculate the ratios to one decimal place'
  22. 'In their rush to smile for the cameras, someone apparently bumped a decimal point six places to the right.'
  23. 'It's being asked because the figures are miniscule, going from two to four places of decimals.'
A square or short street.
  1. 'Thieves had forced the door on his unit in Birkett's Place, More-cambe, and fled with the expensive tools.'
  2. 'Take place every Tuesday night in the Community Services Centre, Stanhope Place at 8pm.'
  3. 'In a cul-de-sac in Howth village, 5 St Mary's Place is a refurbished double-fronted period home with a smart interior.'
  4. 'A memorial was erected to her in St Martin's Place, off Trafalgar Square, London.'
  5. 'Located at 15 Westland Place, Fifteen is just a short walk from Old Street Tube station.'
  6. 'The Second World War Experience Centre has moved from York Place in Leeds to Feast Field, off Town Street in Horsforth, Leeds.'
  7. 'He arrived in Britain from Jamaica in 1997 and later settled in Kimberley Place, Harehills, Leeds.'
  8. 'Welcome home to Tony, Dominic Place, who is home after a spell in Waterford Regional Hospital.'
  9. 'Have you ever seen the snapshot of Christie at 10 Rillington Place?'
  10. 'I have slept in a shed behind St. Bridget's Place a few times, and behind the priest's house.'
  11. 'Welcome home to Maura, Griffith Place, who is home after a recent stay in Waterford Regional Hospital.'
  12. 'Grove Place was the home of John de la Grave in 1296.'

More definitions

1. a particular portion of space, whether of definite or indefinite extent.

2. space in general: time and place.

3. the specific portion of space normally occupied by anything: The vase is in its place. Every item on the shelf had its place.

4. a space, area, or spot, set apart or used for a particular purpose: a place of worship; a place of entertainment.

5. any part or spot in a body or surface: a decayed place in a tree.

6. a particular passage in a book or writing: to

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