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An attractive combination of vitality and glamour.
  1. 'Instead, we just adore how it adds pizzazz to our favorite tops and dresses.'
  2. 'What was missing was pizzazz: that certain zing in her walk and attitude, to set her apart.'
  3. 'It will be celebrated with pizzazz and stamina.'
  4. 'But if you want a bit of pizzazz, a touch of class and a little extra, go somewhere else.'
  5. 'Outlandish costumes and attitudes would also add pizzazz to the game.'
  6. 'In dark brown, these are traditionally styled and lack the punch panache and pizzazz hip kids require in a shoe.'
  7. 'All of these men carried themselves with grace and pizzazz.'
  8. 'Positive and negative colorations add pizzazz on garment seams.'
  9. 'Lenny liked a certain amount of opulence: glitz and glamour, an expensive sound and maximum pizzazz.'
  10. 'European papers, metallic inks and varnishes add pizzazz to the images.'

More definitions

1. energy; vitality; vigor.

2. attractive style; dash; flair.

More examples(as adjective)

"anymores can be pizzazz."


(pizazz)Said to have been invented by Diana Vreeland, fashion editor of Harper's Bazaar in the 1930s.