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The feeling of sorrow and compassion caused by the sufferings and misfortunes of others.
  1. 'She didn't deserve pity and Rod wanted a bit of fun.'
  2. 'With the luck they've had, this bunch deserves some pity.'
  3. 'I shook my head in mock pity as Chela attempted to comfort Micheal.'
  4. 'Such paintings court the viewer's curiosity, but make no appeal to feelings of pity, fear, or outrage.'
  5. 'He didn't want her pity; he hated it when people pitied him.'
  6. 'I almost felt pity for the man - almost.'
  7. 'I spoke with pity in my voice, but tried to keep it refined.'
  8. 'You're feeling pity for a creature that would sneer at the concept if she understood it.'
  9. 'They have no idea of their future here and I feel great pity for their innocence.'
  10. '"Poor Silas, you conformed, " David said with mock pity.'
A cause for regret or disappointment.
  1. 'what a pity we can't be friends'
  2. 'In which case it would be a pity just to wrap the Lion in brown paper and send it off to Sydney.'
  3. 'That is a pity in the case of smart policies, but a blessing for the less smarter ideas.'
  4. 'A real pity, as this could have been a tasty little number.'
  5. 'This is a pity, because in many cases there is more going on than meets the eye.'
  6. 'What a real pity - I was looking forward to meeting him.'
  7. 'There were two performances taking place here: the pity was that they rarely coincided.'
  8. 'In the end, it's a pity because the situation could have been handled a lot better and without the angst and tears.'
  9. 'The authorities probably knew that there was a likelihood of taking relics and it is a pity that it disappeared.'
  10. 'It's such a pity, when perfectly reasonable tinned crab is available in the supermarkets!'
  11. 'It would be a pity, nevertheless, if Sean Connery missed his chance to straighten out the record.'


Feel sorrow for the misfortunes of.
  1. 'he gave her a pitying look'
  2. 'Refugees need help, and I do pity their plight, however problems should not be exported.'
  3. 'But anyone who pities herself for more than a month on end is a weak sister and likely to become a public nuisance besides.'
  4. 'They were pitied, but few shared empathy with their hopes and dreams.'
  5. 'I pity the fool who has to guess what people are going to buy.'
  6. 'She is pitying my cynical singledom, and I am worrying about her future.'
  7. 'And don't pity poor Gene because he didn't win.'
  8. 'But pity the poor soul who would try to do anything to those kids.'
  9. 'Ahron almost pitied the poor man, remembering the pain the spell could do.'
  10. 'I ought to be crucified, crucified on a cross, not pitied!'

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1. full of or expressing pity: a pitying look.

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"smiles can be pitying."

"looks can be pitying."

"notes can be pitying."

"incomprehensions can be pitying."

"glances can be pitying."

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Middle English (also in the sense ‘clemency, mildness’): from Old French pite ‘compassion’, from Latin pietas ‘piety’; compare with piety.


for pity's sake
more's the pity
take (or have) pity