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Flat, hollow, slightly leavened bread which can be split open to hold a filling.
  1. count noun 'flat pitta breads make perfect sandwiches'
  2. 'For dinner, all I had was pita bread, hummus, spinach and a lovely glass of Merlot.'
  3. 'Try pinto beans with chickpea hummus on pita bread, or a black bean soup.'
  4. 'I like real food; pitta bread not garlic pitta bread.'
  5. 'The pita bread that accompanied it was sheer perfection - toasty, fresh, firm.'
  6. 'The first dish to arrive was a simple plate of pita bread and hummus.'
  7. 'Everyone guffawed as they swiped the small bowls before them with triangles of pita bread.'
  8. 'Try a biscuit crust, tortillas, flatbread such as pita, bun halves or a baguette cut in half lengthwise as bases for pizza toppings.'
  9. 'You can even try a low-fat tortilla or pita bread instead.'
  10. 'Toast pita bread in a 350 F oven until dry and crisp, about 15 minutes.'
  11. 'All the bread they use, from pita to the crust of Turkish pizza, is baked fresh in a traditional clay oven.'


A small ground-dwelling thrush-like bird with brightly coloured plumage and a very short tail, found in the Old World tropics.
  1. 'The fairy pitta is one of the most precious birds in Linnei Township and is listed as a critically endangered species.'
  2. 'Asities' closest relatives are actually pittas and broadbills (Eurylaimidae).'

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1. any of several brilliantly colored, passerine birds of the family Pittidae, inhabiting dark, Old World, tropical forests.

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"breads can be pitta."


Mid 19th century: from Telugu piṭṭa ‘(young) bird’.