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A hidden or unsuspected danger or difficulty.
  1. 'For the company considering the decision to outsource, how can potential pitfalls be avoided?'
  2. 'He bought some books on self-publishing and brushed up on the perils and pitfalls involved.'
  3. 'The lawyer duly warned him of some possible pitfalls, and the book was published.'
  4. 'Many foreigners may resolve to avoid such potential pitfalls altogether, by taking their lives and businesses elsewhere.'
  5. 'Architecture also serves as a good example domain to understand the pitfalls associated with evolutionary design.'
  6. 'But it is also clear that there are many methodological pitfalls along the way.'
  7. 'However, as with many technology acquisitions, pitfalls lie at every stage in the process.'
  8. 'The Business Place is running a course to help sidestep the pitfalls of starting your own company.'
  9. 'But I also recognize the need to avoid potential pitfalls.'
  10. 'No matter how often you've done this job before there are still hidden snags and pitfalls along the way.'
A covered pit for use as a trap.
  1. 'These are pitfall traps that lure the slugs using beer as a bait (real ale is said to be the most effective).'
  2. 'Well anyways, it was caught in a trap, a pitfall.'
  3. 'If she accidentally stumbled across a trap or a pitfall, she would get out of the mess and warn everyone else of the danger.'
  4. 'Carabids typically are sampled using pitfall traps.'
  5. 'Two permanent pitfall traps were located at each monitoring site.'
  6. 'The summed total of three sampling days for each of the 12 pitfall traps (three traps at four tidal heights) was used for each year in subsequent statistical analyses.'
  7. 'We sorted 7743 invertebrates from 712 pitfall traps.'
  8. 'The pitfall trap or the nearest pit for turtles at the fence was also recorded in order to calculate a minimum straight-line travel distance from the release point using the Pythagorean theorem.'
  9. 'French also placed pitfall traps to monitor ground beetles on private farms, where some farmers are growing another type of Bt corn to control corn borer pests.'
  10. 'Thirteen standard, plastic pitfall traps, with soapy solution in the bottom cup, were maintained throughout the stay to sample invertebrates.'

More definitions

1. a lightly covered and unnoticeable pit prepared as a trap for people or animals.

2. any trap or danger for the unwary: the pitfall of excessive pride.

More examples(as adjective)

"manies can be pitfalls."

"countries can be pitfalls."

"cooks can be pitfalls."