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Like or as dark as pitch.
  1. 'Drawing has been rudely incised and rubbed with pitchy graphite, which collects in the scars of the engraved surface.'
  2. 'The pitchy pigment's obscuring weight seems to bank rather than smother the glimmering coruscations.'


Off-pitch; out of tune.
  1. 'It's kinda pitchy and all over the shop.'
  2. 'She described at least 7 out of 10 performances as 'pitchy', but I'm not sure anyone knows what that really means.'
  3. 'In the words of Randy Jackson, the beginning was pretty "pitchy."'
  4. 'First half of it was definitely really pitchy for you.'
  5. 'She was pitchy, off key in several places and missed words.'
  6. 'He was a little pitchy in some spots, but not bad.'
  7. '"With You Gone" contains the pitchiest vocals this side of the "American Idol" semifinals.'


1. full of or abounding in pitch.

2. smeared with pitch.

3. resembling pitch, as in color, consistency, etc.: pitchy mud.

4. dark or black as pitch.

More examples(as adjective)

"smokes can be pitchy."

"pinewoods can be pitchy."

"hells can be pitchy."

"darks can be pitchy."


From pitch.