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A large jug.
  1. 'The handle in the shape of a hound dog was a popular treatment for mid-nineteenth-century pitcher handles.'
  2. 'The first piece was a giraffe whose neck was the handle of a pitcher.'
  3. 'One thing I would recommend though, would be to serve the water from glass pitchers rather than white plastic.'
  4. 'She poured two glasses of iced tea from a glass pitcher.'
  5. 'Wick downed the rest of the glass of beer and poured from the pitcher.'
  6. 'I finally found the strength to move, I picked up the cream china pitcher and poured the cool water into the basin and washed my face.'
  7. 'The participants were then asked to sit alone in room for 12 minutes and then they were presented with a snack tray and a pitcher of water.'
  8. 'He walked to a large gold table and placed the contents on his tray-a few small cups and a pitcher of water-onto it.'
  9. 'I took the small blue pitcher and began to pour the white liquid over my cereal.'
  10. 'He poured a glass of water from a plastic pitcher and pressed it into my hands.'
  11. 'a pitcher of water'
  12. 'My recommendation is to just get a pitcher of whatever is on special that night and try to pin the designated driver duty on someone else.'
  13. 'Start with a pitcher of Martinis and your favorite spouse.'
  14. 'If they bring their own tequila, they can order a pitcher of fresh limeade or watermelon juice to make margaritas.'
  15. 'We had Big-P's special burgers last week and I made a pitcher of delicious summer punch to go with them…'
  16. 'So, on Thursday, I'm out with Dave, and he orders a pitcher of Budweiser.'
  17. 'Endless pitchers of beer are slopping at us like the tap is stuck open.'
  18. 'As a result, they also had a wings and beer special where you get a pitcher of beer along with 20 jumbo chicken wings for only $20.'
  19. 'Over 200 people attended the event, drawn in by cheap pitchers of beer.'
  20. 'For instance, Manoj, a software engineer, prefers to have a pitcher of chilled sweet toddy with friends to beat the lethargy of a lazy Sunday.'
  21. 'Here eyes on the pitcher of orange juice that was being passed around.'
Broken pottery crushed and reused.
    The modified leaf of a pitcher plant.
    1. 'The sides of the pitcher are slippery and may be grooved in such a way so as to ensure that the insects cannot climb out.'


    The player who delivers the ball to the batter.
    1. 'The pitcher fields the ball while running toward the line and flips it to the third baseman.'
    2. 'Baseball's going to need to get a lot smarter on how to value players, especially pitchers.'
    3. 'In the game, you take on the roles as the pitcher, fielder, batter, everyone with the simple control scheme.'
    4. 'See the accompanying chart for pitchers and position players with the most years of major league service.'
    5. 'After all, the pitcher is the one player who can dominate and take control of a game.'
    6. 'The catcher has to stay within the box until the pitcher delivers the ball.'
    7. 'Most girls played softball, so finding baseball pitchers was often difficult.'
    8. 'Unlike a hockey goalie or a baseball pitcher, one dominant player is not enough to determine a game.'
    9. 'Then, after handing the ball over, the pitcher has to make that same march back to the dugout alone.'
    10. 'It was a situation in which most pitchers would deliver a fastball to get the first strike.'
    A stone used for paving.

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      1. a container, usually with a handle and spout or lip, for holding and pouring liquids.

      2. Botany. a pitcherlike modification of the leaf of certain plants. an ascidium.

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      "bars can be pitcher."


      (pitcher)Middle English: from Old French pichier ‘pot’, based on late Latin picarium.