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The quality of a sound governed by the rate of vibrations producing it; the degree of highness or lowness of a tone.
  1. 'Language varies in terms of pitch, tonality, intonation, and pronunciation.'
  2. 'The apparatus could only send sounds of constant pitch such as those produced by a single musical note.'
  3. 'The end of a major tone group is typically marked by a pattern indicating finality: for example, a fall in pitch to close a statement.'
  4. 'Their tone of voice implies many qualities with wide varieties of pitches and tones.'
  5. 'They change pitch, alter tempo, or otherwise reshape and transform themselves to correspond to the surrounding sounds.'
  6. 'During speech, singing, or playing a wind instrument, the size of the aperture is narrowed and varied, to produce sounds of different pitch.'
  7. 'She re-taught herself to feel the vibration of the sounds, registering pitch and tone through the buzz of her body, often playing barefoot.'
  8. 'He started to talk in a voice that seemed to be constantly changing pitch and volume.'
  9. 'Her voice rose steadily in pitch as she withdrew further, back now against a wall.'
  10. 'Starting on C major, they ascend in pitch utilizing the key signatures that employ no more than four sharps or fiats.'
  11. 'the guitars were strung and tuned to pitch'
  12. 'Her voice is annoyingly reedy, with a fast vibrato and intonation slightly under pitch.'
  13. 'She had presence, faultless pitch and crystal clear tone.'
The steepness of a slope, especially of a roof.
  1. 'Barratts has introduced a shallower roof pitch to the design of the third block and plans to plant 107 new trees.'
  2. 'The house's low roof pitch and deep overhangs shield it from the fierce elements of salt, rain, and wind.'
  3. 'Upstairs, remodeling focused on increasing the angle of the roof's pitch.'
  4. 'He also varies roof pitch according to a region's latitude and climate.'
  5. 'When you crest a hill, maintain or increase your intensity as the pitch flattens out.'
  6. 'Keeping a steep roof pitch and adding dormers to the new second story are good options.'
  7. 'Its variations in height, pitch, and transparency make the roofline a canopy that casts a dappled light on the forest floor.'
  8. 'Until near the end of his life, Jefferson seems to have been satisfied with wood shingles as the traditional covering for roofs of a regular pitch.'
  9. 'Tom climbed the last pitch, set up his belay and greeted each of us with a triumphal smile as we rounded the summit.'
  10. 'We spent all day learning the basics, but it was still so much fun climbing those tree-filled pitches.'
  11. 'It was around midnight and I'd only completed four pitches since daybreak.'
  12. 'I have seen falcons kill partridges from low pitches.'
A level of the intensity of something, especially a high level.
  1. 'The clamour reached a feverish pitch as winners too joined the chorus of the losers in protesting against the decisions.'
  2. 'Feuding reaches a new pitch as the chief executive tries to float the bank.'
  3. 'But over the last few months I've felt my stress level rising to a pitch that eventually made me more ill than I feel comfortable with.'
  4. 'And when Ronaldo drove home, not once, but twice, the excitement reached a feverish pitch.'
  5. 'With emotions at the current pitch, it is hard to say these things without being accused of whitewashing the church or denying the suffering of victims.'
  6. 'It has grown to such a level and such a pitch that I'm sure it's a cause of many people's disquiet.'
  7. 'Competitive pressure, already at a high pitch, intensified.'
An area of ground marked out or used for play in an outdoor team game.
  1. 'The money will be used to create a new sports hall, artificial turf pitch, a grass running track, a floodlit multi purpose sports area and to upgrade two existing grass pitches.'
  2. 'The track surrounding the football pitch is fully floodlit and measures 0.3 of a mile.'
  3. 'The surplus funds from the fundraising committee have been donated to the school for the development of the school pitch.'
  4. 'The surface of the floodlit, full size, all-weather pitch, will be ‘field turf’, which is used on training pitches at Leeds United.'
  5. 'But it's the condition of the two main facilities, the sports hall and artificial pitch, that is of most concern.'
  6. 'A corridor for media and officials is placed between the seating terraces and the boundary wall of the pitch.'
  7. 'A £250,000 scheme at Milnrow Parish School would provide a new all-weather pitch and redevelop the playground.'
  8. 'Greater Manchester Police confirmed that around 3,000 fans invaded the pitch at the end of the match.'
  9. 'For the first time for many years, England fans booed the team off the pitch.'
  10. 'The game was played on a hard pitch and the bumpy ground meant it was never going to be a classic.'
  11. 'both batsmen were stranded in the middle of the pitch'
  12. 'The English camp was unhappy with the condition of the pitch at Melbourne for the Second Test match.'
  13. 'Whatever the two captains think, spin is the only answer on this pitch.'
A delivery of the ball by the pitcher.
  1. 'He has been criticized for using one pitch too often or failing to set up hitters.'
  2. 'He was determined to go after hitters rather than trying to make the perfect pitch.'
  3. 'Their feet got to the pitch of the ball and their fluent drives repeatedly carved through the infield on either side of the wicket.'
  4. 'They get to the pitch of the ball a lot better than most batsmen,’ he said.'
  5. 'His downfall in the second game came as a result of a half drive with the foot not up to the pitch of the ball.'
  6. 'There is no easier pitch shot than the one from halfway up the bank.'
  7. 'Some of the most difficult shots in golf are pitches from 40 to 80 yards - ones that require less than a full swing.'
A form of words used when trying to persuade someone to buy or accept something.
  1. 'In his podium pitch, Isherwood refers to his ‘passion’ for customer service.'
  2. 'The promise to stop land-clearing in the next three years is a direct pitch for the environment vote.'
  3. 'Lee was sacked after his cold-calling sales pitches fell flat on their face.'
  4. 'He also insists that speakers ‘add a bit of magic’ - a story, anecdote or joke that will stick in the minds of the panel hearing the pitches.'
  5. 'A consultant can make the pitch that he offers greater expertise and experience for less money.'
  6. 'He hears countless movie pitches, and is responsible for filtering out the twelve movie ideas that his studio will turn into features every year.'
  7. 'They were criticised by analysts and fund managers for not making a stronger pitch for the US company.'
  8. 'Each city will make a 45 minute pitch on Wednesday before an evaluation commission report, the final vote and then the all-important announcement.'
  9. 'The sales pitch was very convincing.'
  10. 'People were crowding into rooms to listen to the pitches of the consolidators.'
A place where a street vendor or performer stations themselves or sets up a stall.
  1. 'There are now 25 officially-branded pitches at stations including Oxford Circus and Charing Cross.'
  2. 'Steve often busks near the street pitch Anne's husband, Mark, uses to sell paintings and prints.'
  3. 'Those wishing to book stalls or car boot pitches should contact Kate by phone.'
  4. 'The trio set up their pitch on market days, blending in with fellow ‘traders’ who were also completely oblivious to the ruse.'
  5. 'As well as a huge range of stalls and a car boot sale with about 150 pitches, people were able to enjoy entertainment provided by majorettes and a falconry display.'
A swaying or oscillation of a ship, aircraft, or vehicle around a horizontal axis perpendicular to the direction of motion.
  1. 'The system is complemented by a set of midship stabilising fins and stern stabilising flaps to control the pitch and roll of the ship.'
  2. 'His inputs to control pitch during the oscillations were ineffective.'
  3. 'They have long been known for their function as flight stabilizers, like gyroscopes on airplanes that prevent excessive roll, pitch or yaw.'
  4. 'In reality, we control airspeed and altitude with the coordinated use of both pitch and power.'
  5. 'They are very stable, slow to takeoff and land and very responsive in pitch and roll.'
The distance between successive corresponding points or lines, for example between the teeth of a cogwheel.
  1. 'The keys are manufactured with 4 accurately positioned perforations corresponding to the pitch of the cogwheel.'
  2. 'That combination allows operators to adjust blade pitch quickly, on the fly, with very little effort.'
  3. 'In the Weber system, one of the weights is keyed solid with constant pitch while the other weight is allowed to move 180 in pitch.'
  4. 'A font may have a fixed pitch or a proportional one.'

More definitions

1. to erect or set up (a tent, camp, or the like).

2. to put, set, or plant in a fixed or definite place or position.

3. to throw, fling, hurl, or toss.

4. Baseball. to deliver or serve (the ball) to the batter. to fill the position of pitcher in (a game): He pitched a no-hitter. He pitched a good game. to choose or assign as a pitcher for a game: The manager pitched Greene the next night.

5. to set at a certain point, degree, level, etc.: He pitched his hopes

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