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A ski run of compacted snow.
  1. 'If Federer tried his luck on the piste tomorrow he would probably melt the snow.'
  2. 'THESE SKIS are designed for use on the groomed pistes.'
  3. 'The group were obviously delighted when they arrived at their destination, Ruka and saw several feet of snow on the piste.'
  4. 'On a day of new snow, you can powder-ski on the piste.'
  5. 'The skiing is suitable for all abilities and ski pistes descend right in to the centre of the various levels of the resorts.'
  6. 'We're talking one chair lift, a few drag lifts, a bare piste or three with attendant facilities and equipment hire from The Stone Age.'
  7. 'We came here last year for Christmas and you couldn't find a piste to ski there were so many people.'
  8. 'Its range of pistes is ideal for beginners and intermediate skiers.'
  9. 'The sun is shining on Alpine pistes and resorts are relying on artificial snow cannons to keep slopes open.'
  10. 'One skier on her first day on the piste did not even make it as far as the ski lift.'

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1. a track or trail, as a downhill ski run or a spoor made by a wild animal.

2. (in fencing) a regulation-size strip, usually 2 meters wide and 14 meters long, on which fencers compete.

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"workers can be piste."

"wells can be piste."

"surfaces can be piste."

"snows can be piste."

"skiers can be piste."

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French, literally ‘racetrack’.