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A small hard seed in a fruit.
  1. 'For a more modest production run, take one pint of double cream and grate the rind of two lemons into it, plus the pips.'
  2. 'Some winemakers go so far as to crush the pips of the grapes in order to extract as much bitter tannin as possible.'
  3. 'They can be blocked by phenolic compounds, which are already known to be found in the pips and skin of grapes.'
  4. 'Strain the liquid off carefully through muslin making sure that no pips or pulp get through.'
  5. 'Let the oranges cool then cut into quarters, remove pips and any hard stalk.'
  6. 'At first I think the firemen were a bit bewildered but after 20 minutes or so on their hands and knees they were finding seed pips.'
  7. 'Some foods, especially fruit skins and pips can swell in the gut causing blockages.'
  8. 'Cut each passionfruit in half and scoop out the pips and pulp with a small spoon into a sieve set over a bowl.'
  9. 'The daughter puts some raisins in the mother's mouth after removing their pips.'
  10. 'This machine breaks the skins of the grapes but doesn't press them, and removes all stalks and some of the pips.'


Defeat by a small margin or at the last moment.
  1. 'There was the same result in the breaststroke while, in freestyle, Sean reversed the placings, narrowly pipping his brother.'
  2. 'Millions of viewers voted for their favourite, with Will pipping rival Gareth Gates in the final.'
  3. 'Last year was the second hottest on record, pipped only by 1998.'
  4. 'He didn't just pip the previous record, he's beaten it out of sight.'
  5. 'But the best comeback was by White, who came from 36-31 down to pip Andy Buckley.'
  6. 'Meanwhile, the socialists were pipped into second place by the National Front by 0.7 %.'
  7. 'In the semi-finals, Gregson took the final pink to pip Mark Dodds 64-56, while York first teamer Gall beat York second teamer Dave Sanderson 51-39.'
  8. 'Brave Ranger 9/4 finished strongly to just pip Sallins Prince for second place by a head.'
  9. 'Thus on the last day he only needed to pip Hargan by one second to claim the yellow jersey.'
  10. 'And the 25-year-old may one day pip Armstrong in Paris.'
  11. 'he pipped one of our fellows through the head yesterday'

More definitions

1. to peep or chirp.

2. (of a young bird) to break out from the shell. verb (used with object), pipped, pipping.

3. to crack or chip a hole through (the shell), as a young bird.

More examples(as adjective)

"posts can be pipped."

"advances can be pipped."


(pip4)Late 19th century: from pip or pip.


pip someone at (or to) the post