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Lengths of pipe made of metal, plastic, or other materials.
  1. 'Corrosion inhibitors protect metal equipment and piping from the effect of prolonged contact with water.'
  2. 'Maintenance costs, too, are lower than for traditional systems, since the plastic piping will last 50 to 75 years.'
  3. 'The plumbing code specifies which kinds of material are safe and legal for gas piping, the most common being black or galvanized steel pipe.'
  4. 'The plant's growth is restricted both by underground piping and the foundations of the path.'
  5. 'The duct network consists of plastic piping routed from the motor to the outlet sockets.'
  6. 'Cheerful red metal piping was used to create the railing system on this B grade redwood deck.'
  7. 'Eventually, the barricades would be replaced by waist-high partitions made of vertical rows of blue plastic piping several inches in diameter.'
  8. 'The initial thought of his sister had him fixing a fire hose and using the long length of piping to lend to his escape.'
  9. 'My attempts to bisect a length of 6in piping with a shaped charge would not have qualified me to sink the Belgrano.'
Thin lines of icing or cream, used to decorate cakes and desserts.
    Thin cord covered in fabric, used to decorate clothing or soft furnishings and reinforce seams.
    1. 'The bathing suit was a one piece with a pink background with tiny white polka dots and white piping.'
    2. 'Beneath that outer layer was yet more clothing, something of a light grey almost the same hue as his own skin with blue piping.'
    3. 'For the version with an added insert, baste mini piping to the lower edge of the insert, matching the raw edges.'
    4. 'Replacing exuberant floral country chintz and contrasting piping, the sedate slipcovers produced instant calm - a comfort zone for Bob.'
    5. 'He wears a beige Stetson hat, a black cravat and a black suit with white piping.'
    6. 'Stevie had on this tight white T-shirt with red piping at the neck and arms.'
    7. 'The current fashion must-have is a hunt coat featuring coordinating piping around the lapels.'
    8. 'He is described as Asian, aged about 25, thin and wearing a light blue jacket with white piping.'
    9. 'Other style-conscious additions include graphic seams, decorative piping and raw edging.'
    10. 'She adjusted the suit to reveal more of her pinkish flesh under the white piping that rimmed the bust line.'
    The action or art of playing a pipe or pipes.
    1. 'The Irish Uilleann pipes were played and made in northern cities such as Philadelphia in the nineteenth century, but I've seen no evidence of early piping in the South.'
    2. 'The new students' teacher, Sergeant Gunn, said piping is about blowing, squeezing and wiggling.'
    A cutting of a pink or similar plant taken at a joint.


      1. 'Tyranowski spoke in a high, piping voice and stilted phrases from books on spirituality; he became a substitute father and mother.'
      2. 'Their range includes hunch-whistles, high squeaky or piping whistles, trills, and alarm screams.'
      3. 'I sensed a sly, sudden presence to my right, perhaps a cat or a dog, then heard a shrill, piping voice that might have come from a child made of metal.'
      4. 'I would hear a piping voice say, ‘It's old Grandfather Ueshiba here, is young Shioda there?’'
      5. '‘Her Grace, the Duchess of Kensingbroke,’ the page announced in his piping soprano.'
      6. 'My other brothers and the policeman arrived back quickly, Jas asking in his piping voice what was going on.'


      1. pipes collectively; a system or network of pipes.

      2. material formed into a pipe or pipes.

      3. the act of a person or thing that pipes.

      4. the sound of pipes.

      5. a shrill sound.

      6. the music of pipes.

      7. a cordlike ornamentation made of icing, used on pastry.

      8. a tubular band of ornamental material, sometimes containing a cord, used for trimming the edges and seams of clothing, upholstery, etc. adjective 9. characterized by the peaceful music of the pipe. 10. playing

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      "coffees can be piping."

      "waters can be piping."

      "meals can be piping."

      "voices can be piping."

      "stuffs can be piping."

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