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A long pipe, typically underground, for conveying oil, gas, etc. over long distances.
  1. 'Underground pipelines were used to transport the material to market in Alberta and Eastern Canada.'
  2. 'Building roads, widening of roads, laying underground cables or pipelines - for all such work, trees are a big hurdle!'
  3. 'It followed one on Saturday that set a gas pipeline ablaze in the western desert and which Oil Ministry officials said was due to sabotage.'
  4. 'Should you need something for your pipeline or underground work, take a look here.'
  5. 'This would be used to pump air to the tunnel digger via a nested tin can pipeline buried along one side of the tunnel floor.'
  6. 'This would significantly benefit Russia, which seeks dominance over Caspian oil exports and desires pipelines to run through territory under their control.'
  7. 'Generators may accumulate extra current, causing transformers to burn out, and large currents may build up in power pipelines causing corrosive damage.'
  8. 'There was a sabotage of the oil pipelines a few days ago, now this.'
  9. 'Just as pipelines arm conflict, they also create it.'
  10. 'If I was living 70 metres away from that pipeline I would not be happy.'
  11. 'Developers find it hard in Manchester and Leeds, where a lot of supply exists and there are pipelines of new homes.'
  12. 'An update in July signalled a ‘strong’ sales pipeline, profits running in line with expectations and over £2m in net cash.'
  13. 'But the market expects little new information from the drug pipeline until late October, when Elan next releases quarterly results.'
  14. 'Mr Snoswell said the bulky-goods sector dominated the retail supply pipeline but the regional and neighbourhood markets were not far behind.'
  15. 'With a paper-based supply system and that many containers in theater, the biggest bottleneck in the logistics pipeline occurred where the supplies came off the ships.'
  16. 'To keep their product pipelines robust, medical device manufacturers must constantly develop new products and upgrade products already approved for marketing.'
  17. 'In order to keep up with projected growth and current manning demands, the SF training pipeline itself must expand.'
  18. 'The key to producing consistent and predictable sales numbers is creating, growing, and nurturing a healthy sales pipeline.'
  19. 'The joint distribution C2 element will not be a warehouse and will not maintain stocks; its purpose will be to move supplies through the pipeline.'
  20. 'He said the product's sales pipeline had doubled and presented the group with its main opportunity to achieve growth.'
A linear sequence of specialized modules used for pipelining.
  1. 'The chip's software utilises these pipelines for 3D graphics acceleration and to provide video manipulation in 2D mode.'
  2. 'Applications vendors will decide what the geometry and pixel pipelines look like.'
(in surfing) the hollow formed by the breaking of a very large wave.
  1. 'And just out of nowhere in the last 30 seconds or so, a big wave reared up on the outside reef at pipeline, and I was watching from the beach going you know, maybe he's in the spot.'


Convey (a substance) by a pipeline.
    Design or execute (a computer or instruction) using the technique of pipelining.
    1. 'As a result, the latencies grow much lower and the requests can be deeply pipelined.'
    2. 'Thanks to the shorter pipeline, this isn't as noticeable as it would be for the longer pipelined Pentium 4.'

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    1. a long tubular conduit or series of pipes, often underground, with pumps and valves for flow control, used to transport crude oil, natural gas, water, etc., especially over great distances.

    2. a route, channel, or process along which something passes or is provided at a steady rate; means, system, or flow of supply or supplies: Freighters and cargo planes are a pipeline for overseas goods.

    3. a channel of information, especially one that is direct, privileged, or confidential; insi

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    "oils can be pipelined to shores."

    "oils can be pipelined at islands."

    "oils can be pipelined."

    "gases can be pipelined."

    "architectures can be pipelined."

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