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Involving new ideas or methods.
  1. 'Many of his pioneering ideas and initiatives were later taken up by others and he rarely got the credit he deserved.'
  2. 'Vijayan is known for building teams that have engaged in pioneering studies on molecular biophysics in different parts of the country.'
  3. 'Sometimes a game has a superb art style and other times it has pioneering technology.'
  4. 'The Chawton Estate, once owned by Jane Austen's brother Edward, has become a pioneering archive and study centre for early English women's writing.'
  5. 'Before their pioneering research the method by which information was passed down from parent to child was completely unknown.'
  6. 'Kelso are no strangers to the pioneering spirit, laying persuasive claim to being the nation's oldest club.'
  7. 'In 1974, the state of Washington conducted a pioneering study of wage inequities in its civil service.'
  8. 'More pioneering genres were undertaken as a result of social and political vicissitudes.'
  9. 'Our operational focus is to build upon the company's pioneering methods of distribution.'
  10. 'But it was the video program that showcased pioneering experiments since the advent of digital editing.'


1. a person who is among those who first enter or settle a region, thus opening it for occupation and development by others.

2. one who is first or among the earliest in any field of inquiry, enterprise, or progress: pioneers in cancer research.

3. one of a group of foot soldiers detailed to make roads, dig intrenchments, etc., in advance of the main body.

4. Ecology. an organism that successfully establishes itself in a barren area, thus starting an ecological cycle of life.

5. (in

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"people can be pioneering in places."

"people can be pioneering in/at/on autumns."

"places can be pioneering in places."

"places can be pioneering in mentalities."

"works can be pioneering."

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