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A very narrow stripe in cloth, especially of the type used for formal suits.
  1. 'Even my ‘staple’ stores were full of black and brown, pinstripes and tweed.'
  2. 'A navy diagonal pinstripe over a dusty pink and gray background creates this picture-perfect diagonal striped tie by Gucci, boasting flawless design and timeless style.'
  3. 'Rich embroideries and pinstripes take a romantic turn.'
  4. 'The clothes were immaculately cut, Mary's grey flannels, pinstripes and wool velours were really, really good clothes.'
  5. 'It has a full athletic cut with set-on short sleeves in a solid contrasting color that matches the pinstripe.'
  6. 'Also very summery are the whitewashed pastel cotton pants, bold cotton stripes and abstract floral prints and pinstripes on denim, cotton satin and viscose stretch fabrics.'
  7. 'Checks and pinstripes are bowing out to colours, frill and funk.'
  8. 'Other get-ups, like Anna Lee's ruffled shirts and tailored suits with painted-on pinstripes for Revolver Modèle make sartorial references to a band's sonic influences.'
  9. 'Men's suiting slims down and experiments with non-traditional fabrics such as velvet with bold pinstripes.'
  10. 'The tailoring is classic and structured and the subtle pinstripes and tonal coloured checks feature soft detailing.'
  11. 'The English pinstripes have new designs, and there are new colours for the fustians, like dark topaz or deep ruby.'
  12. 'I turned to see a man on the pavement, all suited up in pale pinstripes and cravat, battered Bible in his right hand.'
  13. 'This year's collection from Libra features neatly tailored trouser suits - classic pinstripes for day wear, and satin panelling for after six.'
  14. 'They can seem crusty, Eighties phenomena who have singularly failed to get out of their pinstripes, Jermyn Street shirts and carefully-knotted ties.'
  15. 'Will I get out of practice, put on one of those fancy pinstripes with a handkerchief neatly placed in the front pocket, and greedily mine the inefficiencies of our health care system?'
  16. 'Looks this season include serious pinstripes and classic business suits in plain wool fabrics.'
  17. 'He looks terribly uncomfortable without his facial hair and raucous teammates, his demeanor far too serious as he goes about his ‘business’ in corporate pinstripes.'
  18. 'A table of them giggled over US $5 and US $10 bets: young men in pinstripes and Hermes ties, women in bobs and pearls.'
  19. 'One is plain black, one is a black pinstripe and one is a navy pinstripe.'
  20. 'An interesting thing about the Rt Hon Winston when he walks into this House in his pinstripes, dressed like a zebra - black, white, black, white - is that he finds it very hard to strike a position.'

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1. a very thin stripe, especially in fabrics.

2. a pattern of such stripes.

3. a fabric or garment having such stripes.

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"suits can be pinstripe."

"trouserses can be pinstripe."

"uniforms can be pinstripe."

"socialists can be pinstripe."

"jackets can be pinstripe."

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