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A prick caused by a pin.
  1. 'Stork notes that pinpricks show that Jan van Eyck's 1432 portrait of Cardinal Albergati was magnified mechanically, with a proportional compass.'
  2. 'But Anna believed the test, which uses the blood pinprick given to all babies, would have prevented Sonny becoming a financial burden on the health service.'
  3. 'Delicate folds, cuts and pinpricks, or lifts at the drawings' corners and the resulting shadows, are all experienced as major events.'
  4. 'She then pinpricks for 45 minutes, lulling most patients into such a state of relaxation that they are unaware of anything but the tiniest tingle.'
  5. 'He can feel about two-thirds of the normal sensation of being touched and half of the usual intensity of pinpricks.'
  6. 'It says: ‘The bubble didnae burst’ and so far, despite a couple of pinpricks, it is still intact.'
  7. 'This process enables the donor to gift this precious platelet concentrate to a sick relative with just an hour of gazing absent-mindedly at the smiley blood drop and suffering little more than two pinpricks.'
  8. 'The country's leaders are worried the sporadic suicide bombings could be relative pinpricks leading up to terrorism on a much larger scale.'
  9. 'The star can also feel a pinprick over most of his body and can distinguish between hot and cold, and sharp and dull sensations.'
  10. 'A rash which starts off as tiny red or purple pinpricks and may develop into bruises which do not fade when pressed with a glass.'
  11. 'compared with the indignities he had so far endured, this was a mere pinprick'
  12. 'Last night a senior air force officer described the bombing of the sites as a minor operation, a pinprick raid which accomplished what it set out to achieve.'
  13. 'The comment stung Winston's eyes with pinpricks of embarrassment, and he wanted to run until he couldn't see straight.'
  14. 'Harder than even the 4 inches of reinforced steel below it, it served to make Allied shells, even AP rounds, bounce off like pinpricks.'
  15. 'Our economy is so huge that the scenes of destruction, awesome as they are, are only a pinprick.'
  16. 'His condemnation of violence and wealth, of government repression and church hypocrisy, brought him administrative pinpricks and excommunication.'
  17. 'It was a minor pinprick in his side that his plan had not succeeded.'
A very small dot or amount.
  1. 'While the stars gave off small bright pinpricks of light, the moon had a soft and faint glowing aura.'
  2. 'The iris of each eye was dotted with pinpricks of lights like stars, and the pupils were gray, like the moon.'
  3. 'His pupils were pinpricks, and the surrounding circlets of frost-blue hummed as if fed with raw, crackling sound.'
  4. 'It doesn't diminish the summit of breathtaking Ben Nevis that you can see the pinprick of a Safeway and McDonald's from the top.'
  5. 'Deanna could make out the tiny red pinpricks of fighters and missiles swarming toward the two ships as they accelerated madly to attempt an escape.'
  6. 'We made love in the cheery, blinking lights, and I gave her a ring with a little pinprick of a diamond in it.'
  7. 'Suddenly, the whole Net vanishes, except for a few pinpricks of light, far, far away, imitating the stars on a cloudless, impossibly dark night.'
  8. 'Really, New Zealand is a tiny pinprick of a place.'
  9. 'Suddenly, in the black night sky, a pinprick of light is spotted off the nose of the plane.'
  10. 'Their eyes focused on the other's until they were nothing more than pinpricks interrupted by the continuing flow of bodies passing through the widening space between them.'

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1. any minute puncture made by a pin or the like.

2. a negligible irritation or annoyance.

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"raids can be pinprick."

"indivdualses can be pinprick."

"attacks can be pinprick."

"strikes can be pinprick."

"stars can be pinprick."

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