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A tiny dot or point.
  1. 'The stars in the night sky were revealed as pinpoints of light instead of fuzzy spheres with radiant spokes.'
  2. 'It was like tiny little pinpoints of touch, slamming into my entire body.'
  3. 'The energy constricted in a tiny pinpoint of fire, shot against his walls, and broke through!'
  4. 'They watched the bright, tiny pinpoints of light filling the black sky in a tremendous blaze of glory, shifting slowly as they rose, making and unmaking vast patterns that tickled Sara's imagination.'
  5. 'She felt a warm dot on her forehead, like a tiny pinpoint of light.'
  6. 'With a pinpoint of light from a laser torch - in the old days they used lanterns - we plunged into the undergrowth.'
  7. 'The only light in the room came from a lamp over the turntables, the glow of the broadcast board, and the green and red pinpoints of LED light from the satellite equipment and reel-to-reels.'
  8. 'Scanner's visual tracks 1 and 2 focus upon a pinpoint of pulsating light from which extend lines of variegated, rapidly changing colours.'
  9. 'In the middle of the blackness, there was a tiny pinpoint of light.'
  10. 'A pinpoint of light appeared, the light forming a cross, small and so far out of reach.'


Absolutely precise; to the finest degree.
  1. 'Its metaphors will give a detailed map of the mind and often pinpoint precise reasons for problems experienced.'
  2. 'The maps below illustrate, with pinpoint accuracy, just how much of Sark I've covered on my travels.'
  3. 'The administration wants to minimize civilian casualties through pinpoint attacks using high-tech precision weapons.'
  4. 'Hamelin's pinpoint accuracy and sure-handed excellence continued in this contemplative, sprawling piece.'
  5. 'Some will be able to fire guns with pinpoint accuracy.'
  6. 'The design of the weapon has changed considerably since then and the bullets can be fired from a range of around 20 metres with pinpoint accuracy.'
  7. 'He gave a flawless performance inspiring confidence by his pinpoint accuracy.'
  8. 'Additionally, the Bombardier Beetle has the ability to direct its defensive spray toward its aggressor with pinpoint accuracy.'
  9. 'Oxford's passing, spearheaded by Collier, was pinpoint in its accuracy.'
  10. 'He picked up a ball inside his own 22, charged forward before kicking with pinpoint accuracy to the other end where the ball bounced into touch.'


    Find or identify with great accuracy or precision.
    1. 'it is difficult to pinpoint the source of his life's inspiration'
    2. 'The village's sewage works has been pinpointed as the source of the infestation.'
    3. 'Up ahead, the Challengers are pinpointing their targets, 120 mm guns taking aim.'
    4. 'Yet another respondent pinpoints Taylor's offhand indictment of ‘older feminists’ as the basis for her ire.'
    5. 'The spot was pinpointed and assessed by local police for security.'
    6. 'The explosives were hidden inside a sock and police also found several maps pinpointing sensitive targets, including a nearby Nato base.'
    7. 'Hubbert calculated this with accuracy for the US, pinpointing the 1970s as the zenith of production.'
    8. 'Speaking at the scene, he said new information about the location of the youth's body had been received, pinpointing the two possible spots.'
    9. 'Most of the times, pinpointing the exact spot of the leak takes long.'
    10. 'But until the interference brought on by her shift clears, I'll have a difficult time pinpointing her location.'
    11. 'I hope the intelligences would be more accurate in pinpointing the real criminals instead of harassing innocents.'


    1. the point of a pin.

    2. a trifle; pinhead.

    3. a tiny spot or sharp point. verb (used with object)

    4. to locate or describe exactly or precisely: to pinpoint the problem. adjective

    5. exact; precise: pinpoint accuracy.

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    "crosses can be pinpoint."

    "companies can be pinpoint."

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