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Of a colour intermediate between red and white, as of coral or salmon.
  1. 'her face was pink with embarrassment'
  2. 'My nose is an attractive pink colour, as are my cheeks.'
  3. 'With its pink colour, it was originally intended as the definitive women's drink, though that role is now occupied by the rather less prosaic Red Bull and vodka.'
  4. 'It was made from felt or something - light pink flesh coloured stuffed material with brown curls fanning out.'
  5. 'Her glass carriage was drawn by four white horses decorated with pink plumage and two coach men dressed in white suits, pink ties and top hats.'
  6. 'Remove the pink corals from the white scallops then wrap strips of smoked salmon round the sides of the scallops.'
  7. 'Skin white as porcelain and rosy pink cheeks, not too distinct, dances in the light.'
  8. 'The skin should be smooth and have a white or light pink colour.'
  9. 'I have chuckled at conservative white men in pink shorts.'
  10. 'Bear in mind, too, that the rosy pink colour of this product is produced by feeding the fish chemical dye.'
  11. 'You get a very intense light coming off these clouds as the sun reflects on them, with colours of bright pink yellow and intense white at the core.'
  12. 'A good rose is hard to find and this will satisfy many who like to drink a pink wine with buffets and Oriental meals.'
  13. 'Smith concurs when it comes to upping his inventory of salmon-coral and deep hued pink wines.'
  14. 'She could pour pink champagne in her CPU and I'd open it up and take a blow dryer to it without a grousing word.'
  15. 'The bad news this year is that the pink champagne of choice is harder to find than usual.'
  16. 'For my own part, I cannot remember ever tasting so many bottles of pink wine.'
  17. 'The good news is that just as still pink wines have become respectable over the past decade, slowly so has rosé champagne, with more care taken over its production.'
  18. 'Maybe it wasn't all pink champagne and roses last night after all.'
  19. 'The pink wine is favored in that sun-basked region for its refreshing crispness and ability to pair up with a wide variety of foods.'
  20. 'If I gave the cork count when I met a participant there was always a giggle and a comment ‘only the finest pink champagne’.'
  21. 'Today I watched her eat an entire tub of cottage cheese and drink three glasses of pink Champagne.'
Having or showing left-wing tendencies.
  1. 'However, the pink revolution failed with the victory of a hardliner.'
Of or associated with homosexuals.
  1. 'the pink pound'
  2. 'Bent The film version of Martin Sherman's searing stage play stars Clive Owen as a gay inmate of Dachau who denies his homosexuality and is given a yellow rather than a pink star to wear.'
  3. 'It is surely the last thing the tourism industry needs as it chases the pink pound, and every shade of pound, too, for that matter.'
  4. 'Since the late 1990s event organisers have attempted to cash in on the pink economy.'
  5. 'Scottish businesses are gearing up to cash in on the pink pound at the country's first ever gay-only wedding exhibition.'
  6. 'Otherwise, it will remain an Irish Sicily, loyal to the half-crown when it should be chasing the pink pound.'
  7. 'The bank likes to brag about how much business it turns down and the pink pound is likely to be far more valuable than the radical Christian pound, anyway.'
  8. 'Perhaps more importantly, the realisation that both the pink pound and pocket money were untapped, encouraged the wave of celebrity media around today.'
  9. 'The Liverpool Echo reports local officials want a share of the pink pound, money spent by gay and lesbian visitors.'
  10. 'Number of pink pounds in their income: 60 billion, according to Barclays Bank.'


Pink colour, pigment, or material.
  1. 'She even has the perfect size lips that stay the perfect color pink.'
  2. 'Her eyes widened a bit when she saw that the room was colored a light pink with dashes of dark purple and black here and there around the room.'
  3. 'A few seconds later, a girl wearing a helmet and clad in pink on a Honda Activa smiled at me and stopped near me and said ‘Hi!’'
  4. 'I rushed upstairs, to find pretty bedrooms, in pink!'
  5. 'Katie glared at her, she absolutely hated the color pink.'
  6. 'If the color pink angers visiting teams, it only serves to make them more adversarial, not less.'
  7. 'The best bets for backing are highlighted blue and for laying in pink.'
  8. 'A younger woman dressed completely in pink followed her into the room.'
  9. 'Ruffled clothes and the color pink really didn't suit me.'
  10. 'Important colors include strong hot pink, turquoise and lime green, as well as black, beige and khaki.'
  11. 'Becca's room, which the girl had proudly shown him, was sort of the same shade, but in pink.'
  12. 'Each game giving way to more games until the sky turned an orange-red color with streaks of pink, as the way the sky would in the evening when the sun is about to set.'
  13. 'Tessa Skara, dressed in pink, was the first to take to the dimly lit stage.'
  14. 'Looking pretty in pink, the newly voted Mum of the Year was besieged by the paparazzi at every turn.'
  15. 'They come in pink, crimson and magenta, but my favourites are the blues.'
  16. 'The setting sun had already turned the eastern peaks a deep pink - a pink that was growing redder by the minute.'
  17. 'I smiled, watching her face go from the color pink to red.'
  18. 'I'll make them regret assuming their best friend is gay simply because he doesn't object to the color pink!'
  19. 'I didn't know that many things came in the color pink, he mused irritably.'
  20. 'As darkness drew near I joyfully and thankfully watched the pinks, purples, blues and golden colors of the sky melt together into a picture-perfect sunset.'
  21. 'And unless it is granted, there will still be possible mayhem in hunting pink during the election campaign.'
  22. 'Banning battery farming would do a lot more good than banning hunting, but there isn't the emotional punch of watching Otis cry because he'll have to donate his hunting pink to Oxfam.'
  23. 'Hunter fought back from being 58-39 behind to win 63-58 with the aid of a superb snooker on the pink.'
  24. 'Stevens makes a break of 37 but misses a simple pink to the middle pocket.'
  25. 'A missed pink handed Higgins the ninth and he edged the final frame 68-53.'
  26. 'He went 46-7 ahead before Whyte made a 14 break only for Milner to respond with his tenth red and a pink then laid a snooker.'
  27. 'What happened in that dramatic 13 th frame was that Stevens got the yellow with a lucky glance off the pink only to snooker himself on the green.'
  28. 'The pink went down next, the cue ball screwing around the table to bring him up on the black.'
  29. 'Coulson played a loose shot and Shipley gained the necessary points from a snooker and was left an easy pink and snooker after another Coulson error.'
  30. 'Lee won that on a respotted black and once Ding missed an easy pink in the next frame the balance shifted towards the Englishman, who went on to triumph.'
  31. 'The Whirlwind looked set to secure a comfortable victory in Glasgow at 4-2 up before he missed a pink to let Ian McCulloch in.'
  32. 'Drago conceded the 15th frame with several reds still on the table after missing a simple pink and then Ebdon finished off in style with a 105 clearance.'
  33. 'It was certainly a night of pink, hearts, roses and fun and it was good to see the ladies of the YWCA in such great form.'
The best condition or degree.
  1. 'The one other individual sport where India has traditionally made its presence felt at the international level, tennis, is not exactly in the pink of health.'
  2. 'Instead, we are greeted by our waitress, Sandra, a student of literature in the pink of health.'
  3. 'Its weight was 20 lb and it was in the pink of condition with a splendid coat.'
  4. 'Pink is your colour this week, as you will be in the pink of health.'
  5. 'Suncroft owner Willie Delaney, really has his string in the pink of condition at the present time and is fast becoming a sprint specialist.'
  6. 'To make sure that your most prized rose garden is in the pink or even red of their health, simply follow these tips on rose care dealing with most of their health dilemma.'
  7. 'Island Tina trained by Seamus Graham was sent away the 6/4 favourite but she was unfortunate to come up against Peter Spice in the pink of condition.'
  8. 'Quite obviously, Weeraratne is in the pink of cricketing health right now and the Anthonians would surely have marked him down for early extinction.'
  9. 'If the last season was one in which all the batsmen were in the pink of form, the present season has shown them in terrible light with nobody able to hit the straps.'


Become pink.
  1. 'Finally, Eve realized she was staring, and her cheeks pinked.'
Shear (a sheep) so closely that the colour of the skin is visible.


    A small square-rigged sailing ship, typically with a narrow, overhanging stern.


      1. a color varying from light crimson to pale reddish purple.

      2. any of several plants of the genus Dianthus, as the clove pink or carnation.Compare pink family.

      3. the flower of such a plant; carnation.

      4. the highest form or degree; prime: a runner in the pink of condition.

      5. Older Slang: Disparaging. pinko.

      6. Business Informal. a carbon copy, as of a sales slip or invoice, made on pink tissue paper.

      7. pinks. Fox Hunting. pink coat. pinkish-tan gabardine trousers for

      More examples(as adjective)

      "tissues can be pink against browns."

      "sands can be pink in storm lights."

      "petals can be pink at tips."

      "people can be pink with gratifications."

      "people can be pink with exertions."

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      (pink)Late 15th century: from Middle Dutch pin(c)ke, of unknown ultimate origin; compare with Spanish pinque and Italian pinco.


      in the pink
      turn (or go) pink