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The round head of a pin.
  1. as modifier 'pinhead dots'
  2. 'A grey-blue, very hard metal, it's the key element called a pinhead capacitor.'
  3. 'As Jocelyn impressed her opponents with fury, a subtle speck of light the size of a pinhead formed in the center of the room.'
  4. 'Within two weeks the dots grew to the size of pinheads, and stayed that way for months.'
  5. 'But instead of buckyballs, they spice the mixture with nano-size semiconducting wires or pinheads called quantum dots.'
  6. 'He uses plastic garlands suspended in the lagoon to provide an anchorage for the drifting pinhead size larvae.'
  7. 'He said that tiny cameras the size of pinheads were also often attached to cash machines, often hidden among badges and stickers on the machine.'
A stupid or foolish person.
  1. 'Despite presumptuous pinheads who think they have her character pegged down to a sexy little stereotype, it's her voice that draws attention.'
  2. 'A kind, loving, and caring man (as opposed to a pinhead playboy) is going to fall for your total being and not your dress size.'
  3. 'So a cross-eyed, buck-toothed pinhead look was the appearance that got you where you needed to be.'
  4. 'That's something that you and your stupid newspaper would never do, you pinhead.'
  5. 'Fresh new pinheads in tuxes and cocktail dresses to look at in the society pages!'
  6. 'All they saw was the hero O'Reilly standing to up to the overeducated, anti-religious, arrogant pinhead scientist.'

More definitions

1. the head of a pin.

2. something very small or insignificant.

3. Slang. a stupid person; nitwit.

More examples(as adjective)

"buyings can be pinheads."