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The timber from pine trees.
  1. 'Dr. Hans brought up the fact that although the alphorns were still made in Switzerland from traditional pinewood, the strapping around the length of the horn was these days made from Thai bamboo.'
  2. 'The doors were a type of pinewood with small rectangular windows above the silver knobs.'
  3. 'If you have pressure-treated pinewood you can use wood tone to make it look like redwood.'
  4. 'The present sources extracted from a byproduct in the refining of vegetable oils or from the oil obtained from pinewood pulp in papermaking can supply only about 10% of the people in the West.'
  5. 'Sophie stood in front of his closed door, a poster of the Manic Street Preachers adorning the pinewood.'
  6. 'The hallway was brightly lit and the air was of pinewood - just as fresh as in my room, but different.'
  7. 'Current threats include losses of native pinewood and wood pasture habitats, changing forest practices including clear felling and underplanting and nutrient enrichment of soils.'
  8. 'Swedish pinewood is generally used in building and is known for its overall strength and durability and would be suitable for building houses or utilizing in the vast industrial sector.'
  9. 'Lorelei's gift was a rocking horse made of fine pinewood that she had placed an order at a craftsman's shop the past month and had been especially made for Rose.'
  10. 'The strong smoky flavour comes from laying the tea leaves on bamboo trays above burning pinewood.'
A forest of pine trees.
  1. 'Wilson said there had been a resurgence in interest in restoring native woodlands, resulting in an increase of more than 30,000 hectares in Caledonian pinewoods alone over the past 15 years.'
  2. 'A true getaway (there is no mobile phone signal) with towering mountains and Caledonian pinewoods, this is one of the remotest valleys in Scotland.'

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1. the wood of a pine.

2. Often, pinewoods. a forest consisting chiefly of pines.

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"floorings can be pinewood."