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A collarless sleeveless dress worn over a blouse or jumper.
  1. 'A seven-way skirmish then broke out over a pinafore dress costing 10p, which escalated into a full-scale melee resulting in another 18 lives being lost.'
  2. 'She wore a blue pinafore with the crest of her preschool emblazoned on the left breast and a plain white T-shirt underneath it.'
  3. 'Their collection includes an extra wide pinafore dress, satin edged wide parka coats in burnt orange, sideways shift dresses and sarong skirts.'
  4. 'I shoved the book over at Matt, smudging Leah's school pinafore with my thumb as I did.'
  5. 'Her stylish yet extremely wearable little girl's outfit consisted of white cotton jersey t-shirt worn under a cream cotton pinafore dress with mint green band detail and white flowers with pink stitching.'
  6. 'Everyone has seen pictures of those buxom Oktoberfest waitresses in their low-cut folk costume pinafores.'
  7. '‘She wasn't too keen on the blouse and tie, and couldn't understand why she had to wear a shirt under her pinafore,’ Ms Burke said.'
  8. 'The pinafore had shoulder straps that were fastened by a pair of oval brooches, one below each shoulder.'
  9. 'Jane is led into a long room filled with the other pupils of Lowood Institution, no more than eighty, in brown frocks and long holland pinafores, in their hour of study.'
  10. 'Cyzarine put her pinafore on and heard talking in the hallways.'
  11. 'So after she'd removed her white pinafore and put on her black coat over the gray dress she wore, Josie put on her hat and gloves and found a basket in which to carry things in.'
  12. 'Anna Sui has picked up on the sarafan - a peasant pinafore dating from the turn of the 18th century.'
  13. 'The basket was upended in her lap, and one of her bottles had not rolled but had instead emptied its contents into her pinafore, resulting in a spreading red stain and a sharp vinegary smell.'
  14. 'When inside the artwork she wears a careful reproduction of the clothing worn by the model, and when she returns to the real world, she is wearing the pinafore just as before.'
  15. 'She gripped tightly on her pinafore, creasing it more than any lady would have approved of, and bobbed into a curtsy.'
  16. 'The plump waitress in a plain pink pinafore and dirty apron smiled a gap-toothed grin, red curls pinned back in hair netting.'
  17. 'They were dressed in traditional black and white pinafores, with perky white hats, like something from a previous age, but the cuisine was nouvelle in comparison.'
  18. 'And sometimes, when I'm in the right mood, I'll braid my hair, tie on a pinafore and whip up a batch of cornpone!'
  19. 'I shall be back as soon as I have a fresh pinafore on.'
  20. 'Tessa was drenched completely; Clarissa exclaimed in horror at her sopping dark locks and little pinafore that was dripping on the floor.'
  21. 'Wait,’ called a voice from behind her when a girl wearing a white shirt and a brown pinafore with tights and runners followed her with a boy wearing a blue tee-shirt and jeans.'
  22. 'She kept grinning, looking so cute and charming in her little pinafore dress, but every once in while she would look at me with that evil smile and my skin would crack a bit more.'
  23. 'I used to wear pinafores and Shirley Temple curls and little Mary Jane shoes.'
  24. 'If they wonder, like I do, what became of that little girl in the pinafore dress.'
  25. 'Her red Mary-Janes were next to the sofa-bed, and her pink pinafore dress was mussed.'
  26. 'And, of course, that all pregnant women must wear pinafore dresses and ankle socks, no trousers thank you - that would probably be rule number one.'
  27. 'A blur of a pinafore and ruffles met my eyes as my little sister Lotte barreled down the stairs.'
  28. 'Suddenly, I find myself holding up one of the tiny outfits with the same cooing glee as my wife had just held up the pinafores and gingham sun dresses.'
  29. 'Why, you may wonder, has the girl in the short-sleeved yellow dress with a blue pinafore, white stockings and Mary Janes jumped so high out of the frame that you don't see her face?'

More definitions

1. a child's apron, usually large enough to cover the dress and sometimes trimmed with flounces.

2. a woman's sleeveless garment derived from it, low-necked, tying or buttoning in the back, and worn as an apron or as a dress, usually over a blouse, a sweater, or another dress.

3. Chiefly British. a large apron worn by adults. a sleeveless smock.

More examples(as adjective)

"sundresseses can be pinafore."


Late 18th century: from pin + afore (because the term originally denoted an apron with a bib pinned on the front of a dress).