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  1. 'If the media owners have skated by for years based on their oligopolistic control of the distribution function, then so have the practitioners of journalism.'
  2. 'The market imperfections model offers a varied approach which explains the firm's motives for engaging in international business activities under monopolistic and oligopolistic market structures.'
  3. 'Register a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, Bureau of Competition, and with the Washington State Attorney General about the oligopolistic supermarket ownership distribution in Seattle.'
  4. 'Did you know that ‘markets tend to oligopolistic outcomes’?'
  5. 'Her account begins with the sole proprietorships and partnerships common in 1800 and concludes with the large oligopolistic corporations that emerged at the end of the century.'
  6. 'Because information technology is highly advanced, it is susceptible to monopolistic or oligopolistic control.'
  7. 'These distributors exact massive, and in many areas oligopolistic, profits from wineries as a price for distributing their products to retail stores - and in some cases, refuse to distribute wine from smaller wineries at all.'
  8. 'In light of the sensitivity of the support for H3c to the choice of model, another point of concern is the possibility that we are capturing an oligopolistic reaction effect rather than trait-based imitation.'
  9. 'But firms in oligopolistic industries will often be able to avoid tough competition without colluding; equilibrium market performance in oligopoly may be much the same with or without collusion.'
  10. 'Open price competition may be limited, although price wars do break out periodically in some oligopolistic markets.'


1. the market condition that exists when there are few sellers, as a result of which they can greatly influence price and other market factors.Compare duopoly, monopoly (def 1).

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"structures can be oligopolistic."

"controls can be oligopolistic."

"relationships can be oligopolistic."

"people can be oligopolistic."

"characteristics can be oligopolistic."

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