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  1. 'Despite the personal motives of those that create file-sharing Web sites or of those that consume free music, the fact that their actions offend the oligarchical music industry makes their behaviour political.'
  2. 'So, the intent was, from before the end of World War II, the intent of this circle, in the United States and Britain, was to establish a permanent world empire, of English-speaking power, oligarchical power.'
  3. 'The central institution of that oligarchical power, in the continent of Europe, is the central banking system.'
  4. 'The other system, is the system under which man is subjected to the oligarchical conception, which is what we have today.'
  5. 'In addition, the fewer people involved in making decisions, the more oligarchical and less susceptible to democratic pressures the system becomes.'
  6. 'The institutions set up to run the common market were exclusively oligarchical; none was elected, and all governed, and still do, in the interests of the world's rich against the interests of the world's poor.'
  7. 'The mass media are controlled by a financier oligarchical cabal.'
  8. '‘The Republic’ is nothing but a nightmarish vision of a totalitarian society ruled by an oligarchical elite, devoid of all respect for individual rights and freedom.'
  9. 'Yes, you had right-wing forces, you called them, or the oligarchical or wealthy forces.'
  10. 'There is a natural-law conception of economics, as opposed to a Venetian-style, oligarchical, financier conception.'


1. of, relating to, or having the form of an oligarchy.

More examples(as adjective)

"groups can be oligarchical."

"forces can be oligarchical."