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  1. 'Using this as a basis, the oligarchic man resembles the oligarchy in many ways, such as prizing money above everything else, gratifying only his desires and refusing to make expenditures for anything else.'
  2. 'Not one of the speakers related the assault on democratic rights to the increasingly oligarchic structure of American society, in which economic and political power is concentrated in the hands of a wealthy elite.'
  3. 'With the institution of privatization programmes around the world in the 1980s and the end of the Cold War, the welfare state has been dismantled while the oligarchic state has emerged unscathed.'
  4. 'The current system represents the end of oligarchic capitalism in Russia.'
  5. 'With Athens’ defeat its own propertied class, backed by Sparta, imposed an oligarchic constitution.'
  6. 'It will spur corruption and create an oligarchic elite that opposes the emergence of competitive markets.'
  7. 'He was defending the mixed system that existed in the Britain of his day - a combination of aristocratic, commercial, oligarchic, and democratic elements.'
  8. 'By the time of the 2000 election, the concentration of wealth in the hands of an oligarchic elite had reached unprecedented proportions.'
  9. 'Could this oligarchic enterprise fund the production of truly subversive art?'
  10. 'The open consolidation of American oligarchic rule has put paid to all that.'


1. of, relating to, or having the form of an oligarchy.

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"bureaus can be oligarchic in natures."

"tendencies can be oligarchic."

"systems can be oligarchic."

"governments can be oligarchic."

"whichs can be oligarchic."

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