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Relating to the sense of smell.
  1. 'The molecules diffuse through the surface layer of mucus and stimulate the olfactory receptors.'
  2. 'Mice and dogs, which have intense senses of smell, have mostly intact olfactory receptor genes.'
  3. 'It was one of the sweetest smells their olfactory organs had ever encountered.'
  4. 'She'd honed her olfactory senses to the point where she could visualize an event based on nothing more than what was in the air.'
  5. 'They transfer the impulses of a smell through a nerve fiber to the olfactory bulb in the brain just above the nose.'
  6. 'That mulchy smell could trigger an olfactory flashback of Proustian ripeness in children of a certain age.'
  7. 'My walk to work was no longer an all-out assault on my olfactory senses.'
  8. 'Paris silently cursed the heavy smoke that had blocked her highly developed olfactory senses.'
  9. 'They have a well-developed olfactory sense and can locate food sources by smell.'
  10. 'The fish soup that had formed in the less-dense fresh water immediately poured up out of the jar and gave the sharks' olfactory senses a jolt.'


1. of or relating to the sense of smell: olfactory organs. noun, plural olfactories.

2. Usually, olfactories. an olfactory organ.

3. olfactory nerve.

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"systems can be olfactory."

"channels can be olfactory."

"cells can be olfactory."

"senses can be olfactory."

"organs can be olfactory."

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Mid 17th century: from Latin olfactare (frequentative of olfacere ‘to smell’) + -ory.