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A synthetic compound used as a calorie-free substitute for fat in various foods because of its ability to pass through the body without being absorbed. It is a polyester derived from sucrose.
  1. 'In the United States three primary artificial fats have been introduced including Olestra, Simplesse, and Stellar.'
  2. 'Let's fly off to Finland, far from the long arm of Olestra.'
  3. 'Florida's citrus growers have teamed up with the Centre for Science in the Public Interest, a consumer health nonprofit group that has regularly attacked Procter & Gamble for its Olestra products.'
  4. 'Didn't we once hear a similar claim about the fat substitute Olestra?'
  5. 'You remember Olestra, the fat substitute that mimicked the creamy taste and silky-smooth feel of real fat but that wouldn't make you fat.'
  6. 'I had seen a similar registry on the Web site of the Center for Science in the Public Interest for people who believed that consuming the fat substitute Olestra had caused them some type of health problem.'
  7. 'And if you're tempted by products with the fake fat Olestra, limit yourself to eating 1 ounce of any food containing it, she adds.'
  8. 'Many of those efforts, though, have been big disappointments: Aleve pain reliever, Citrus Hill orange juice, the Rely tampon, perhaps even Olestra, 20 years in development but so far slow to catch on.'
  9. 'Also on the agenda, the League's efforts to keep the province Olestra free.'
  10. 'His grandfather invented Olestra, the non-fat cooking oil.'

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1. a synthetic oil used as a substitute for dietary fat: not digested or absorbed by the human body.

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"hotlines can be olestra."

"carries can be olestra."


1980s: from (p)ol(y)est(e)r + the suffix -a.