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A glyceryl ester of oleic acid; specifically glyceryl trioleate, C₃H₅(C₁₈H₃₃O₂)₃, a colourless oily liquid which is a very common natural fat (also called triolein). Also (more widely): any liquid fat (consisting chiefly of such esters) separated from a solid or semi-solid fat; (formerly, also) †a glyceride of a fatty acid other than oleic acid (obsolete).

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    1. Also called glyceryl trioleate, triolein. a colorless to yellowish, oily, water-insoluble liquid, C 5 7 H 1 0 4 O 6 , the triglyceride of oleic acid, present in many vegetable oils.

    2. the oily or lower-melting fractions of a fat as distinguished from the solid or higher-melting constituents.

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    "ups can be olein."


    Mid 19th century; earliest use found in Thomas Thomson. From French oléine from classical Latin oleum oil + French -ine; compare -in.