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  1. 'For the pathway of cis-trans isomerization of olefins, we suggest distinguishing conjugated olefins (including stilbenes) of little polarity from other cases.'
  2. 'There are four large plants here - Qenos resins, plastics, elastomers and olefins.'
  3. 'The company said the quarter saw a decline in international prices of olefins, polymer as well as fibre-intermediate on the back of weaker crude oil prices compared with the trailing quarter.'
  4. 'Such investment will be made in the production of plastic pellets, olefins, and aromatics.'
  5. 'Thermoplastic olefin was considered instead of the vinyl substrate covering.'
  6. 'The second phase comprises an organic solvent containing soluble reagents such as olefins.'
  7. 'By use of the present invention it is possible to produce an olefin polymer with high stereoregularity, broad molecular weight distribution, and good fluidity, at high rates of yield.'
  8. 'Classes of polymers used in integrated optics include acrylates, polyimides, polycarbonates, and olefins.'
  9. 'Sharpless had begun his investigations into the oxidation of olefins after starting work as an assistant professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1970.'
  10. 'Whatever the feedstock, the product slate is a complex mixture of hydrogen, ethylene, other olefins, diolefins and gasoline as well as smaller amounts of acetylenes and carbon monoxide.'

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1. any member of the alkene series.

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"businesses can be olefin."


Mid 19th century: from French oléfiant ‘oil-forming’ (with reference to oily ethylene dichloride).