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  1. 'I like to start them out with something like plain ole Cheerios or something that can be easily digested.'
  2. 'I have to agree with ole JC there on the importance of safety in everyday life.'
  3. 'I love to read and I skate ditches in a busted up old snake skin cowboy hat and drive a damned ole truck.'
  4. 'There are plenty of good ole boys who trade in this form of macho posing as well.'
  5. 'They are even closer now as adults often reminiscing about the good ole days, when the drill team was alive and well.'
  6. 'Man that size shouldn't be able to move that fast, but Rick always could and poor ole Freddy is starting to puff.'
  7. 'We were messing around while opening boxes just having a good ole time.'
  8. 'It was like someone scooted rain clouds from overhead and a big ole yellow sunbeam came down to warm me!'
  9. 'I remember the good ole days when Laura would totally fold under the pressure.'
  10. 'I took one look at this ole boy and knew he was not going to change one bit.'

Object linking and embedding, denoting a set of techniques for transferring an object from one application to another.


    1. (used as a shout of approval, triumph, or encouragement). noun

    2. a cry of “olé.”.

    More examples(as adjective)

    "taxes can be ole."

    "hits can be ole."

    "charms can be ole."


    (olé)Mid 19th century: representing a pronunciation.