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An old song, film, or television programme that is still well known or popular.
  1. 'Some Saturdays we play all oldies and others we play so many different songs.'
  2. 'And the oldies are played by rapidly aging DJs trying to recapture the glory years of early AM Radio.'
  3. 'My friend stayed in the room that had the live band playing oldies and top forty songs.'
  4. 'They played oldies, and most of the people there were around our age.'
  5. 'Dad turned on the radio to a channel that played oldies and some new hit songs which was cool, because I wouldn't be stuck listening to Chicago for two hours.'
  6. 'These musicians covered everything pop - from oldies to hip-hop to alternapop to bubblegum.'
  7. 'There was an amusing mix of classical and oldies in the film.'
  8. 'Many of the songs sound like rehashed versions of oldies while the band also indulges in experiments with tape loops and minimalist restrictions.'
  9. 'If we ask Lameville High to provide it we'll probably end up playing oldies.'
  10. 'Many new games, but also a few oldies were played during the 7th Ludopathic Gathering.'
  11. 'we oldies can still find digging satisfying, even enjoyable'
  12. 'He was then dropped into various oldie clubs (day centres etc) and less wrinkly locations to give him an insight in what it would be like to be old.'
  13. 'I don't think Helen need worry about lack of funds in her old age - there will be far fewer real oldies around to share the national wealth.'

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1. a popular song, joke, movie, etc., that was in vogue at a time in the past.

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"stations can be oldies."

"jeans can be oldies."