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Used to express agreement or acceptance.
  1. 'OK, OK, I give in'
  2. 'Okay okay, jokes apart, this is one movie I am really looking forward to.'
  3. 'Well, okay it was a stupid thing to do but I drank a bit of it.'
  4. 'A note from the author: okay okay… I know this chapter is really short but I wanted to get to the next one before I go on my vacation!'
  5. 'I hope my labours (and, okay, those of the musicians) are enjoyed by the ne'er-do-wells.'
  6. 'Well okay, nobody could've seen the last one coming.'
  7. 'The Barber of Seville is saved by a couple of decent arias - okay, one great aria - but I couldn't go that far with this one.'
  8. 'Okay sorry, I didn't realize it hadn't been updated in so long.'
  9. 'Well okay, the deception probably wouldn't have taken long to uncover, but it would probably be good long enough to go rob a bank.'
  10. 'Some of it is a little stilted - okay, some of it is really stilted - but it's capably filmed and has some good music going for it.'
  11. 'Well okay, the battery used to slip around a bit, but that was fixed by shoving a piece of folded paper into the back of it.'
  12. 'One might say: okay, this neighbourhood is four square miles, it extends as far as the lake in the southwest.'
  13. 'I thought: okay, this is the one I'll call on first.'
  14. 'The sort of hallucination that really makes one think: okay, focus on the good.'
  15. 'humour me, OK?'
  16. 'Now to give you an idea, the average now is under one, okay?'
  17. 'Be nice to him OK, Simon?'
  18. 'They're a public trust, OK?'
  19. 'And that is the logic of processing, okay?'
  20. 'So, just accept this pointless, but important Internet ranking, OK?'


Satisfactory but not especially good.
  1. 'There's some okay political humour, with stabs at global warming, CNN and hydro prices.'
  2. 'The air con has been frosty, the food okay, the coffee a revelation, and the people pretty friendly.'
  3. 'Their acting is okay but okay acting combined with so-so story make for some forgettable viewing moments.'
  4. 'Even though the job scenario has been okay, you just know something was bound to go wrong somewhere.'
  5. 'The films are okay, with most of the facts presented by people in tight Hawaiian shirts, laughing a lot.'
  6. 'The overall picture quality is okay, but varies considerably from segment to segment depending upon the source material and year that the game footage was gathered from.'
  7. 'In fairness, Casey probably did an okay job of the song, but I'd fallen asleep ten seconds into it.'
  8. 'I don't like to iron or sweep; scrubbing is fine and vacuuming is okay.'
  9. 'The transfer is okay considering what this film is.'
  10. 'One day you can release a product which you think is okay and then it can just take off.'
  11. 'are you okay, Ben?'
  12. '‘Adrienne,’ I called, though I didn't exactly care too much whether she was okay or not.'
  13. 'To my complete and utter amazement, I felt okay, not just physically but emotionally as well.'
  14. 'I was old enough to take care of myself, the life insurance made sure that I was fine to look after the house and I had a decent job and I was okay.'
  15. 'She seemed to be okay physically as far as I could tell, but she frowned when she saw me - something was up, obviously.'
  16. 'I didn't really know if I really would be okay or not.'
  17. 'I'd make sure my family and friends were okay and maybe start an orphanage in India.'
  18. 'But only to reassure you that she is physically okay.'
  19. 'Sometimes he's okay and sometimes he can't breathe.'
  20. 'Other callers are just calling in to say they are okay this year or thanking the volunteers there for their support in the past.'
  21. 'Nothing really, I just wanted to see if you girls are okay or not after what you have just witnessed.'
  22. 'She proposes outlawing unreasonable force by removing the provision in the law saying reasonable force is okay.'
  23. 'Its okay we just need something until it leaves here.'
  24. 'Inherently I know that I haven't done anything wrong (nor has she), and that it's okay for me to respect my cousin's right to privacy.'
  25. 'Most even find that it's okay to go further than that, with permission from everyone concerned of course.'
  26. 'It is okay to retire from your job… but don't retire from your life.'
  27. 'For him the problem in Bulgaria is the widespread mentality that says it's okay to steal as long as you're not caught.'
  28. 'Attracting birds with tape recordings is okay by me in moderation.'
  29. '‘I said any date would be okay when his schedule permits,’ Koizumi told reporters after the meeting with Primakov.'
  30. 'I mean, no one was around to tell me if it was okay or not.'
  31. 'Obviously the militants feel that hurting kids is okay because of the job their daddy or mummy does.'


In a satisfactory manner or to a satisfactory extent.
  1. 'Anyway I want to get to know Ivee, she's okay cute.'
  2. 'She reads the news okay, but her interaction with guests is very wooden and her interviewing technique is weak.'
  3. 'A person who seems to be doing okay one day may the next day suddenly take a turn for the worse.'
  4. '‘The caretaker role I've now got is a bit different but I'm there to do a job and we've started off okay,’ he said.'
  5. 'The fan told Leon that he could do a story on him and possibly help get his name out in the sports world to let people know that he is doing okay and still working hard.'
  6. 'Am working on lit review, its a funny job, but going okay.'
  7. 'I'm glad the repair job went okay but I wonder if all this detailed photography of the shuttle is a too detailed.'
  8. 'Just because we did okay last year doesn't mean we cannot fail this time round.'
  9. '‘I am hitting the ball okay on the practice range,’ he claimed at Royal Lytham last July.'
  10. 'We've done okay this season and have tried to cover up our weaknesses as much as we can.'


An authorization or approval.
  1. 'They don't need an okay from the Ministry to proceed with any project.'
  2. 'The Charlotte Bobcats got the official okay from the Boston Celtics to interview Chris Wallace for their GM job.'
  3. 'There was another meeting with about 12 people there, and they gave it the okay.'
  4. 'My grandpa has given the okay for your visit here whenever you can.'
  5. '‘Hey, Matt, I got an okay on using the boat for the 4th,’ I called through the door.'
  6. 'I waited for a moment before finally getting the okay from Miss Pross to start singing.'
  7. 'Somebody in a powerful position actually issued the okay on this lovely ad and handed over an exorbitant amount of money to let it grace the cover of a phone book with a major circulation.'
  8. 'There are projects now where Bahamian politicians have given a verbal okay, so the investors have started.'
  9. 'The family made an application for a grant and, on April 16, 2002, they were given the okay for the work.'
  10. 'I'll tell my parents once you get the okay from your mom so they can send in your reservation.'


Give approval to.
  1. 'The State Cabinet had okayed the recommendation,’ he replied.'
  2. 'If we had sent in the prices that were actually up on the board in the bank, they'd have been okayed, and customers would have paid those as they did.'
  3. 'Those who had the information stalled over okaying its release.'
  4. 'Anything she did was okayed by the establishment.'
  5. 'Congress okayed the fuel oil, but refused to approve the two commercial nuclear plants.'
  6. 'If the Senate approves the exact legislation okayed by the House - down to every single word and comma - the legislation would then be sent to the President.'
  7. 'Gramm okayed it with me Sunday, that if anything happened to him you'd come to me.'
  8. 'Brooklawn officials have okayed the leasing of their public school properties to corporations that want to put up ads, thus letting them buy access to a captive audience of impressionable youngsters.'
  9. 'Write, call, or ask in person why Congress okayed this pollution of the people's parks.'
  10. 'She said: ‘I had okayed it with Mr Hollins before I took the days off and he just said take as long as I needed, but then I got this text message.’'

Oklahoma (in official postal use).


    1. all right; proceeding normally; satisfactory or under control: Things are OK at the moment.

    2. correct, permissible, or acceptable; meeting standards: Is this suit OK to wear to a formal party?

    3. doing well or in good health; managing adequately: She's been OK since the operation.

    4. adequate but unexceptional or unremarkable; tolerable: The job they did was OK, nothing more.

    5. estimable, dependable, or trustworthy; likable: an OK person. adverb

    6. all right; w

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    "buybacks can be oks."

    "distributions can be oks."

    "cuts can be oks."

    "shrses can be oks."

    "plans can be oks."

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    (OK)Mid 19th century (originally US): probably an abbreviation of orl korrect, humorous form of all correct, popularized as a slogan during President Van Buren's re-election campaign of 1840 in the US; his nickname Old Kinderhook (derived from his birthplace) provided the initials.