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adverb & adjective

(in a theatre) not on the stage and so not visible to the audience.
  1. as adjective figurative 'the offstage lives of celebrities'
  2. 'I only wish he would not throw away the line about whose yacht is anchored just offstage.'
  3. 'Verna keeps busy offstage as a film producer, her credits including the 2003 hit Saved By The Belles.'
  4. 'But this is a play where you feel the really big issue is the one that is happening offstage.'
  5. 'Gracious and soft-spoken in interviews, Cave's offstage persona is the opposite of his electrifying stage self.'
  6. 'Her offstage screech sends shivers down the spine long before she actually appears, and when she appears she devastates.'
  7. 'Even when she was not present on the stage, the chilling scream, which came from offstage, reminded the audience of her.'
  8. 'There is little offstage divide, as the actors are mostly in view and chat with the audience during the interval, and before and after the show.'
  9. 'These two characters have, one feels, an offstage life during which they rely on each other's support for the next vicissitude that is to befall them.'
  10. 'It is also the third current play in which an offstage dog is loudly audible.'
  11. 'They are a beautiful couple on stage as well as offstage.'

More definitions

1. off the stage or in the wings; away from the view of the audience (opposed to onstage).

2. in one's private life rather than on the stage: Offstage the actress seemed rather plain. adjective

3. not in view of the audience; backstage, in the wings, etc.: an offstage crash.

4. withheld from public view or attention; private: offstage political meetings.

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"characters can be offstage."

"scenes can be offstage."

"lives can be offstage."

"highs can be offstage."

"wailings can be offstage."

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