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(of a player in some sports) occupying a position on the field where playing the ball or puck is not allowed, especially (in soccer) in the attacking half ahead of the ball and having fewer than two defenders nearer the goal line at the moment the ball is played.
  1. figurative 'his radicalism caught him offside with the law'
  2. 'Running on to it with only Carroll to beat, Gimenez is penalised for being offside.'
  3. 'Canham looked at least a couple of yards offside as he collected the ball on the edge of the Morecambe penalty area.'
  4. 'Coe sneaking back from an offside position was allowed to play the ball and lob it over Bainbridge into the goal.'
  5. 'After 34 minutes Selby were caught offside in front of the posts.'
  6. 'A fraction later the ball is headed down for Owen, but he's flagged offside.'
  7. 'In the opening game, Diouf was a magnificent player who seemed unfortunate to get caught offside a lot.'
  8. 'Both teams were guilty of playing the game at least a couple of yards offside and handling the ball on the floor at almost every breakdown.'
  9. 'Manager's and supporter's say nothing when their team score's an offside goal or a dodgy penalty and when one of their player's get away with cheating they never see it.'
  10. 'I thought both times they had players offside and the officials felt the same.'
  11. 'The visitors clearly felt that the Trojans' player was in an offside position and they continued their protests long after the final whistle.'


The fact or an instance of being offside in soccer, rugby, etc.
  1. 'They'd start shouting for offsides or a penalty claim.'
  2. 'Hawks seemed to have won the battle of wills when they were awarded the scrum for an accidental offside.'
  3. 'Earlier, Danny Masumba's goal that would have made Celtic take the lead in the first half was disallowed in the 44 minute with the referee signaling it was an offside.'
  4. 'He often used the players and officials in his hockey game to show how plays are set up, what hand signals are used when describing penalties, or how to tell an offside.'
  5. 'And Dean Windass, who had a goal scrubbed out by a marginal offside, is also on the banned list after collecting his fifth booking.'
  6. 'Sutcliffe was desperately unlucky to see a further effort disallowed for offside on the intervention of the touch judge but West's were looking dangerous at only'
  7. 'Threats to sue the Football League and create a new competition with no offsides or draws were just farcical.'
  8. 'Drogba has a goal - very similar to Terry's, but from a free-kick on the other side - disallowed for offside.'
  9. 'Helder Postiga has a header rightly disallowed for offside, but for a horrible split-second it looked like it was a good goal.'
  10. 'This sluggish play up front was emphasised by the large number of unnecessary offsides given.'
The side of a vehicle furthest from the kerb (in Britain, the right)
  1. 'The black paintwork of this car was in very good condition, the only marks being a small scuff on the rear bumper plus a slight dent on the off side rear wheel arch.'
  2. 'He had been driving along the A350 towards Melksham when his car collided with the offside of a yellow goods vehicle travelling in the opposite direction.'
  3. 'When the vehicle came to a stop they saw the front off side wheel was at ninety degrees to the other.'
  4. 'He guided the horse around and took a closer look at the off side of his mount.'

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1. Sports. illegally beyond a prescribed line or area or in advance of the ball or puck at the beginning of or during play or a play: The touchdown was nullified because the offensive left tackle was offside.

2. with or in doubtful propriety or taste; risqué: an offside joke.

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"people can be offside in remarks."

"goals can be offside by feet."

"backs can be offside in/at/on times."

"traps can be offside."

"decisions can be offside."

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