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adjective & adverb

Situated at sea some distance from the shore.
  1. as adverb 'we dropped anchor offshore'
  2. 'Denmark has the world's two largest offshore wind parks and generates an estimated 15 percent of its power from wind turbines.'
  3. 'As long as Aboriginal people have been living near the Great Barrier Reef, they have traveled to offshore islands and reefs.'
  4. 'Indeed, one of the province's main tourism attractions is the popular offshore snorkeling on Bunaken islands.'
  5. 'Here the land slopes down to the sea, forming complicated estuaries with the towering mountains of Achill Island just offshore.'
  6. 'We could be gone by the morning to some calypso coast - an island offshore where even the waves are dancing and where the fish most surely will be leaping.'
  7. 'Two Weddell seals lay on the beach and a leopard seal lurked just offshore.'
  8. 'Britain has the best untapped offshore wind resources in Europe - enough to meet its energy needs three times over.'
  9. 'But a country's landmass often extends far offshore geologically, well beyond its coastline.'
  10. 'A couple of miles offshore is Pigeon Island, breeding ground for the Blue Rock Pigeon.'
  11. 'Aid agencies say the loss of 3,300 fishing trawlers, which also doubled as transport for tourists visiting offshore islands, affects tens of thousands of families.'
  12. as adverb 'weather forecasters say the cyclone should move offshore'
  13. 'At last, with the sun at their backs and a brisk offshore breeze speeding them along, their journey across the equatorial Atlantic had begun.'
  14. 'The offshore wind catches the sail on which the main sheet appears to be cleated, and the boat capsizes across the shore.'
  15. 'High offshore winds in the Coromandel area and plentiful mackerel near the coast may have been factors in that stranding, she was quoted as saying.'
  16. 'The surf was 4-5ft throughout the event, with light offshore winds on the final day.'
  17. '‘It was warm with a wave height of around 1 to 1.5 metres and offshore winds that held the face of the wave up,’ he said.'
  18. 'When there are waves, what are the chances that we will get an offshore wind that does not actually blow the waves over?'
  19. 'Winds blowing offshore push water away from the shore.'
  20. 'A strong offshore wind can tear away young ice all the way to the beach, leaving open water even when winter temperatures are low.'
  21. 'The building is oriented to the southwest, and vertical arrays of solar panels protect the exterior courtyards from the brunt of offshore wind gusts.'
  22. 'Horrified onlookers could only watch, as an offshore wind blew their flimsy dinghy vessel, into deeper water.'
  23. as adverb 'the trainees will eventually work offshore'
  24. 'We built gravel islands for offshore oil rigs, ferried crews, and hauled prefabricated processing facilities up from the lower 48.'
  25. 'Another 4000 km pipeline is being built to bring offshore gas from Hainan Island to the southern and eastern coasts.'
  26. 'The company makes hydraulic equipment such as winches and cranes, for the fishing and offshore industries.'
  27. 'The Santa Barbara spill, say environmentalists, turned California against offshore drilling.'
  28. 'Williams, a self-made millionaire, has interests in the offshore oil industry, telecommunications and tourism.'
  29. 'Caley had a reputation for reliability, versatility and innovation, primarily within the offshore and marine industries.'
  30. 'Bush has been a proponent of offshore drilling as a way to alleviate energy concerns.'
  31. 'He owns pharmaceutical companies, defense contractors, offshore oil drilling operations.'
  32. '‘We then turned our attention to the offshore oil-and-gas industry, a very difficult market to break into,’ said White.'
  33. 'It is estimated that decommissioning activities will require up to 50,000 trained personnel, and will extend beyond the nuclear industry to chemical and offshore facilities as well.'
Made, situated, or registered abroad, especially in order to take advantage of lower taxes or costs or less stringent regulation.
  1. 'As more call centers move offshore, companies are starting to outsource the monitoring, too.'
  2. 'We should bar the government from signing contracts with any corporation that has moved offshore to avoid paying U.S. taxes.'
  3. 'The business of making offshore films in Canada continues to be a big - news item.'
  4. 'They want to save taxes through a complex scheme involving an offshore tax haven.'
  5. 'The decision to target the collection was taken when it was discovered that his other assets are registered offshore.'
  6. 'The crooks pay up on small claims until they have collected enough premiums to pad their offshore bank accounts.'
  7. 'There are also problems with staffing levels, branch closures and jobs moving offshore.'
  8. 'A lot of corporates and individuals hold offshore accounts legitimately.'
  9. 'If offshore outsourcing is not the cause of sluggish job growth, what is?'
  10. 'They are right that offshore outsourcing deserves attention and that some measures to assist affected workers are called for.'
  11. as adjective 'American offshore politics'
  12. 'The funds are believed to have been channelled to the Chavez camp through an offshore company on the island of Curacao.'


Move (some of a company's processes or services) overseas.
  1. 'I'm pretty sure teachers can't be offshored, but if I start seeing big-screen TVs in my classes, I am going to be worried.'
  2. 'Support staff for the IT department such as procurement are also likely to be offshored.'
  3. 'After her position was offshored, the systems analyst took on three jobs: as a cell phone customer-care rep, a department-store clerk, and a real-estate agent.'
  4. 'The firm offshores some GIS work to India, while programming activities are done for U.S. clients in Ukraine.'
  5. 'In the US, figures are even higher with predictions of 3.3 million ‘non-farm jobs’ being offshored by 2015.'
  6. 'When we do invent something, production is offshored and the UK operation consists of 50 highly paid designers and a few bean counters and marketing men.'
  7. 'I'd know it's time for me to adjust and find a different job that can't easily be offshored.'
  8. 'Now that some of those jobs are being offshored, it's those markets that will be most affected by that activity.'
  9. 'Ironically, the story is about some workers whose jobs were offshored, who came up with the gimmick of selling themselves on eBay.'
  10. 'This is also having a chilling effect on students deciding whether to study these disciplines that can be easily offshored.'

More definitions

1. off or away from the shore: They pushed the boat offshore.

2. at a distance from the shore, on a body of water: looking for oil offshore.

3. in a foreign country. adjective

4. moving or tending away from the shore toward or into a body of water: an offshore wind.

5. located or operating on a body of water, at some distance from the shore: offshore fisheries.

6. registered, located, conducted, or operated in a foreign country: an off-shore investment company; off-s

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"people can be offshore on shifts."

"lurches can be offshore in/at/on dates."

"gains can be offshore for periods."

"epicentres can be offshore in/at/on kms."

"devices can be offshore of sites."

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