Adjective "offseason" definition and examples

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/ˈɔf ˌsizən/

Definitions and examples


A time of year when a particular activity, typically a sport, is not engaged in.
  1. 'Rest assured that as the off-season looms, I will continue to get my life in tip-top shape for next year.'
  2. 'He has spent his off-season clearing out all those either not good enough or not willing enough to play for Newcastle.'
  3. 'The winter of 2002-2003 has been an especially busy off-season for me.'
  4. 'He signaled to the coach that during off-season he wanted to get better and to do so in a deliberate way.'
  5. 'During the off-season I usually train abs three times a week, with at least one day of rest in between.'
  6. 'She will spend the off-season playing overseas.'
  7. 'Agar, who has given the players a maintenance training programme for the off-season, admitted the players had little time for recuperation, but this was across the board in the National League.'
  8. 'There is a myth that teams spend the off-season resting or on vacation.'
  9. 'Helio spent the off-season playing tennis with presidents, among other things.'
  10. 'We wish our fans and fellow racers a happy and healthy off-season and wonderful start to the new year.'
  11. as modifier 'off-season rates'
  12. 'They needed part-time help, and I needed a part-time off-season job.'
  13. 'And, research your travel destination thoroughly to determine if traveling in the off-season makes sense.'
  14. 'For their part, travel companies are slashing their already low off-season rates.'
  15. 'It is a major off-season boost for the town's hospitality trade and underlines the ever growing importance of the college to the area's economy.'
  16. 'Once upon a time, the resident camp directors spent the off-season preparing for a few intensive summer months.'
  17. 'The camp could also boost revenues by adding off-season weekend sessions and leasing camp facilities to religious and nonprofit groups.'
  18. 'Visitor numbers were already sliding at the Minster, in common with other cathedrals, and it remains to be seen how low the figures will sink in the quieter off-season period.'
  19. 'Facilities open next month, but if you contact them before May 1, you can get off-season rates per person or group.'
  20. 'Most major beer companies plan their seasonal promotions a full year in advance and they focus on off-season holidays as well as the big ones.'
  21. 'Since it will be hosted in October, the event will serve as a nice off-season boost for the area and is an occasion that should create huge local interest.'


In or during the off-season.
  1. 'Perhaps because they were hiking off-season, with no rangers to check their progress, the boys did not sign the Goat Haunt registration book.'
  2. 'We follow Bell as he winds up his first losing season ever, to the intense recruiting off-season.'
  3. 'I agree, hotel prices there are astronomical off-season which I think is odd.'
  4. 'Many of these products are not commonly available, are grown off-season to US production, or are more cheaply produced overseas.'
  5. 'Before his trip to the States, the only clothing Alex could find to fit his massive body when his weight went up off-season was from stores catering to the obese.'
  6. 'The holiday I'm about to describe should be taken annually, off-season, with large doses of sloth and solitude.'
  7. 'Without this premium, it is clear that no producer could justify supplying milk off-season.'
  8. 'I do this only when I'm getting ready to compete - I don't need to torture myself off-season, too!'
  9. 'Usually we went there off-season when the water was too cold for swimming and the boardwalk attractions in Point Pleasant had closed.'
  10. 'In his infectious enthusiasm for the event, Mayor Rybak purchased roller skis to practice off-season for the City of Lakes Loppet.'

More definitions

1. a time of year other than the regular or busiest one for a specific activity: Fares are lower in the off-season.

2. a time of year when business, manufacturing activity, etc., is less than normal or at an unusually low point. adjective

3. of, relating to, or during the off-season: off-season hotel rates. adverb

4. in or during the off-season: Traveling off-season is the easiest way to save vacation money.

More examples(as adjective)

"rains can be offseason."

"relievers can be offseason."