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Away from the road; on rough terrain.
  1. 'I do hope this is just the beginning of many other safe off-road cycle paths in York and the surrounding area.'
  2. 'The SUSV is a lightweight tracked vehicle specifically designed for off-road movement in the snow.'
  3. 'One promising option was the planned off-road rural sports park on forestry land at the top of the Pyes Pa Direct Rd.'
  4. 'The vehicle is built with adventure in mind and offers better off-road ability than an average sedan.'
  5. 'The route will be mainly off-road and beginners are welcome.'
  6. 'The parish council has suggested that an off-road cycle path is provided alongside the road separated from the road by a small hedge or grass verge.'


Denoting a vehicle or bicycle for use over rough terrain.
  1. 'Police are using a spy van and off-road bikes to crack down on crime on the railways.'
  2. 'Anti-social off-road bikers could have their vehicles seized if they continue to ride illegally.'
  3. 'Police are using an off-road vehicle unit to crackdown on quad bike nuisance.'
  4. 'If you own a 4x4 vehicle or an off-road motorcycle you will need to be road legal to drive on these byways, in the same way you would on any other road.'
  5. 'As he was crossing the road, a yellow off-road motorcycle, covered in mud, travelled down the street at speed on one wheel.'
  6. 'So he decided to build his own off-road utility vehicle in his backyard workshop.'
  7. 'It is supposed to be an off-road car that you can use on the road.'
  8. 'They hope that this will help to prevent further damage by off-road vehicles, motorbikes, quad bikes and 4x4s.'
  9. 'Motorists using off-road vehicles in the countryside without permission will be banned from driving.'
  10. 'An example would be riding an off-road motorcycle over jumps and through the mud.'


1. designed, built, or used for traveling off public roads, especially on unpaved roads, trails, beaches, or rough terrain: an off-road vehicle.

2. taking place on such roads or terrain: off-road racing.

3. used for or suitable to an off-road vehicle: off-road tires. adverb

4. on a road or terrain other than a public road: to travel off-road.

More examples(as adjective)

"vehicles can be offroad."