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Unload (a cargo)
  1. 'Although the UK was a key destination, some drugs were also offloaded in Bulgaria and sold here, he said.'
  2. 'To our pleasant surprise, the luggage had been offloaded more quickly than we were used to.'
  3. 'By the end of June, over 289,827 tons of supplies had been offloaded onto the Normandy beaches.'
  4. 'There's additional fodder on the ship that will be offloaded for the sheep as well.'
  5. 'We're going to drop in on Deidre's mum and offload most of our luggage, taking only overnight bags with us to Sydney.'
  6. 'The teachers from the orphanage immediately formed a line to help us offload our cargo.'
  7. 'Soon he joined the green-smocked staff, offloading pallets and restocking shelves.'
  8. 'Salvors are offloading potentially hazardous cargo from the ship which ran aground near Grosvenor Point off the Wild Coast on Saturday night.'
  9. 'There was no standard gauge in Australia, which meant that at each break, all passengers and goods had to be offloaded and changed onto another train.'
  10. 'We ended up offloading the tickets and my friend's daughter and walked back to her house via a food stop with my son sleeping in his pram.'
  11. 'Any airport sale in Scotland is likely to centre around Glasgow, which could be offloaded to a private bidder who could then refocus the business on low-cost airlines, killing off Prestwick.'
  12. 'Yet with annual medical costs averaging nearly $9,000 per employee, there's little doubt that U.S. corporations need to offload some of this burden.'
  13. 'Often they were offloading defective goods they could not sell at a shop.'
  14. 'Giving the UN a role could soothe anti-American tempers and offload some of the burden of responsibility.'
  15. 'Through simultaneous spending hikes and tax cuts, he offloaded onto future generations responsibility to foot the bill for the present generation's security.'
  16. 'The business was one of a number to have been offloaded in recent years, leaving Dawson as a focused cashmere yarn spinning and garment sales group.'
  17. 'He will probably also get higher prices when he offloads marginal stores if he can sell them at a measured pace.'
  18. 'He sold his synthesizers, offloaded his collection of more than 200 records and switched his focus to books.'
  19. 'I've gradually been offloading my comics and web commitments onto the community without them suffering.'
  20. 'it would be nice to have been able to offload your worries on to someone'
  21. 'I'm sorry to offload all this onto you but I guess its just fair to warn you what you may be getting yourself into.'
  22. 'It's like you're using me to offload all your troubles and I'm sick!'
  23. 'This allows them to offload much of the communications processing from the operating systems and CPU.'
  24. 'The hardware initiator provides maximum benefit to the host CPU processing by offloading both the networking and iSCSI stack processing, and also provides remote booting capability.'
  25. 'To provide the highest possible server performance, the vendor may want to offload as much I / O processing as possible from the server CPU to the HBA.'

More definitions

1. to unload.

2. to transfer (data) from a computer or other digital device to another digital device: Fill the camera's memory card, then offload your photos to your PC.

More examples(as adjective)

"vessels can be offloading."

"sites can be offloading."