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Not controlled by or directly connected to a computer or the Internet.
  1. 'System administrators have historically relied on offline archiving for data backup and storage.'
  2. 'A final feature worth mentioning is the all-new inclusion of split-screen multiplayer for offline use.'


While not directly controlled by or connected to a computer or the Internet.
  1. 'All national schools were disconnected from the Internet the following day, with some remaining offline until the end of the week.'
  2. 'E-mails went unsent and unanswered while the Internet was kept offline to protect the beleaguered system.'
  3. 'The process is conducted offline - taking down the production system until the batch update is completed - because it takes so long.'
  4. 'The sheer volume processing offline was just not practical.'


1. Computers. operating independently of, or disconnected from, an associated computer.

2. Radio. (of a network) not supplying affiliated stations with programming but allowing each station to program its own shows, usually within a specific format.

3. Television. of or relating to the preliminary planning and editing of a videotaped program.

4. located in or serving a place not on a regular route of a railroad, bus, or air carrier: an offline ticket office. adverb

5. in or to a

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be offline for refuelings."

"people can be offline for maintenances."

"modules can be offline by things."

"capacities can be offline for repairs."

"returns can be offline for repairs."

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