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Relating to an authority or public body and its activities and responsibilities.
  1. 'Further official roles and responsibilities are being drawn up by the board.'
  2. 'It was the third official investigation into his activities.'
  3. 'This is a very tricky question, not helped by the official response to recent public debate, which has been pure spin-doctoring.'
  4. 'The unit is now refusing to do something that is not an official responsibility.'
  5. 'Private companies, the National Lottery, local authorities and other official bodies ask for the art and pay for it.'
  6. 'That demand itself was to a large extent created through official policy in response to the black militancy of the 1970s and early 1980s.'
  7. 'This was his last official engagement in Sligo before Monday's mayoral election.'
  8. 'But most people assumed the money was spent largely on official activities.'
  9. 'Local organisers of popular religious activities also often sought official state recognition.'
  10. 'All official bodies have a responsibility for it in policy-making, management and resource allocation in their spheres of activity.'
  11. 'members would know when industrial action is official'
  12. 'As the spokesman admitted, there is an official ban on such activities, of which all scientists involved would have been well aware.'
  13. 'Yet, even though official statistics reveal this abysmal state of affairs, what is the Government's response?'
  14. 'The statement is representative of much of the official rhetoric employed by the regime to engender support.'
  15. 'Deference to the Dutch referendum on Wednesday meant that official responses to last night's extraordinary result were muted.'
  16. 'Simple lack of official records of intelligence activities on both sides was another factor.'
  17. 'For the first time emails were produced as official documents in a public inquiry.'
  18. 'The most recent official unemployment statistic from China is only 4 percent.'
  19. 'Judge King from the city courts has granted this and it is now official.'
  20. 'The opinions contained are those of the authors, and no official endorsement is intended or should be inferred.'
  21. 'A Garda spokesman could not provide official figures for seizures over the last 18 months.'
  22. 'an official spokesman'
  23. 'His official spokesman said that he was emphatic that the incident should not be be allowed to damage community relations in Britain.'
  24. 'The Prime Minister's official spokesman confirmed that a gift was in the pipeline - though he would not reveal what it is.'
  25. 'I will, of course, defer to your official spokesman there at the Pentagon.'
  26. 'Foxx has agreed to be the official spokesman for the NAACP Disaster Relief Fund.'
  27. 'The official spokesman said the powder was being checked to make sure it was innocuous.'
  28. 'Then, during the Second World War, he was employed as an official cartoonist to the US forces stationed in Europe.'
  29. 'He is in uniform, and at first we think he might be some sort of official spokesman.'
  30. 'If he were still an official opposition spokesman he'd be on the spot now that ID cards are party policy.'
  31. 'The official spokesman of the town almost fainted when I confronted him with the statistics.'
  32. 'For some academic textbooks, the official authors are chosen for their market value, but do relatively little work.'


A person holding public office or having official duties, especially as a representative of an organization or government department.
  1. 'The official whose responsibility it was to regulate the disposal of radioactive wastes is one Jackson.'
  2. 'A department official manning the roadblock said he and the police officers there had been instructed not to speak to the media.'
  3. 'The small boxes were delivered to his office through an official in the Department of Foreign Affairs.'
  4. 'Steve is also a local, now living in the town where I was an elected official.'
  5. 'However, the society has been defunct in the district for quite some time, said an official of the Department of Animal Husbandry.'
  6. 'The official added that the responsibility to pay these fees rests solely with the rights holders to whom the quotas are issued.'
  7. 'There's one elected official representing each electoral district and voters vote for one candidate only.'
  8. 'The BCC will have to do it, said a senior police official.'
  9. 'All of the transactions only take place on paper, " a customs official said.'
  10. 'An official of the Public Relations Department had to be summoned ‘to identify’ the scribes.'


1. a person appointed or elected to an office or charged with certain duties. adjective

2. of or relating to an office or position of duty, trust, or authority: official powers.

3. authorized or issued authoritatively: an official report.

4. holding office.

5. appointed or authorized to act in a designated capacity: an official representative.

6. (of an activity or event) intended for the notice of the public and performed or held on behalf of officials or of an organiza

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"results can be official at dates."

"plans can be official in terms."

"people can be official on dates."

"people can be official by powers."

"people can be official by authorities."

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Middle English (originally as a noun): via Old French from Latin officialis, from officium (see office).