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A thing offered, especially as a gift or contribution.
  1. 'Turkey, in particular, had a heavy presence at the show, with each exhibitor presenting offerings in disparate areas.'
  2. 'She came to be known as Khir Bhawani or Ragyna Bhagwati as her favourite offerings consist of rice cooked in milk and sugar, and all other vegetarian forms of diet.'
  3. '‘But it is important to provide a good selection of vegetarian food, and I don't just mean a token offering,’ added Tina.'
  4. 'A small amount of money offerings are collected to aid in the preparation of the funeral.'
  5. 'Dora's initial answer places her parents in a balanced gift economy, in which her father's offerings satisfy her mother's desires.'
  6. 'Anyone and everyone is invited to submit a picture of themselves and these offerings are then rated on a scale from one to 10.'
  7. 'As a great fan of porridge, I was looking forward to judging the offerings.'
  8. 'Santa Claus does somehow manage to find his way to us but his offerings always take on the flavour of the nearest gift shop.'
  9. 'the latest offerings from the garage showrooms'
  10. 'On the first day of the offering there was negligible subscription from the market.'
  11. 'Other commercial galleries in Wynwood are presenting a range of offerings.'
  12. 'Even if gift items are not a part of the usual shop offerings, framers should consider adding some now.'
  13. 'The commercial offerings are very impressive, but tend to have a price tag to match.'
  14. 'Inside, customers are presented with an eclectic offering of well designed, objects ranging from bars of soap to sofas and beds.'
  15. 'The laugh a minute guys present this weeks tedious offerings of up to date music listened to by the nation.'
  16. 'The range has been enlarged to increase commercial customer product offerings, increase unit sales and raise profitability.'
  17. 'These new mobile entertainment offerings are based on the consumers' desire to take the TV out of the living room and enjoy it on the go.'
  18. 'I managed to take in some of the wonderful entertainment offerings in the cosmopolitan city!'
  19. 'Product offerings ranged from stocking rustic wood samples to manufacturing 23-karat ornate gold frames.'
  20. 'Conflict shows itself in the spouse who resents increasing the tithe the family makes to the church or becomes upset when asked to make a special offering.'
  21. 'It exploits the good intentions and generosity of Church members whose Sunday offerings are used in this selfish and disproportionate way.'
  22. 'The church takes offerings, but it doesn't offer much guidance on where the money goes after it hits the collection plate.'
  23. 'The special mass was enhanced by a performance by a choir of over 30 present pupils, while a number of past pupils offered gifts, prayers and offerings.'
  24. 'The organizers must foot that bill with their churches' tithes and offerings.'
  25. 'In the old days, servants would be given time-off and worshippers would present offerings to their Mother Church.'
  26. 'We were giving out allowances and we always give it to them in change, so they can take their offering to church.'
  27. 'On Il'ia's day, in many parts of Russia, propitiatory offerings were brought to church.'
  28. 'Some can charge admission for an event, even in church, while others rely on freewill offerings only and trust in the Lord's blessing.'
  29. 'Cost for the dinner is a free-will offering along with the donation of one canned food item.'
  30. 'the Buddhist ritual for offerings to the dead'
  31. 'An offering of libation and sacrifices accompanies communication with the deceased at the gravesite.'
  32. 'Often, they leave behind fresh fruit and flowers, and some even burn paper money and other offerings to the souls of their ancestors.'
  33. 'Observing the flames of ritual fire offerings is also a form of divination.'
  34. 'Kumar notes that the Yajur Veda describes the preparation of rice cakes as a ritual offering.'
  35. 'The psalmist had adapted this picture to refer to the spiritual offerings of prayer, praise and proclamation.'
  36. 'Farmers present offerings and gifts to the deities for a successful harvest season and pray for bumper crops in the next.'
  37. 'They are also attracted by the religious offerings of the Hindus in temples and try to emulate them.'
  38. 'Those rituals involved animal sacrifice and blood offerings to Mother Earth.'
  39. 'The festival lasts ten days, with numerous rituals and offerings to the gods.'
  40. 'The villagers support their monks with food, gifts, and offerings to Buddha.'

More definitions

1. something offered in worship or devotion, as to a deity; an oblation or sacrifice.

2. a contribution given to or through the church for a particular purpose, as at a religious service.

3. anything offered as a gift.

4. something presented for inspection or sale.

5. a sale: our spring offering of furniture.

6. the act of one who offers.

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"visitors can be offerings at altars."

"supplies can be offerings at lows."

"lights can be offerings."

"supplies can be offerings."

"arrivals can be offerings."

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