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Present or proffer (something) for (someone) to accept or reject as desired.
  1. 'I was offered a job on the spot'
  2. 'After hearing her voice, he immediately offered her the duet.'
  3. 'When he dies, he is greeted by a voice that offers him rebirth in sundry universes.'
  4. 'Villepin's plan also includes penalties for unemployed people who do not accept the jobs they are offered.'
  5. 'He said he hoped the people to whom the appeal's cash was offered would accept hand-outs in the spirit in which they were meant.'
  6. 'Darbar's boss, kindly offered us complimentary tea after our meal.'
  7. 'The Castries Heritage Tour presented by Solar Tours offers visitors a chance to explore the city.'
  8. 'However, having no money, he steals a set of silverware from a kindly bishop who offers him hospitality.'
  9. 'Employees have also rejected the severance payment offered by the new company to 1,000 workers who will be laid off.'
  10. 'Though Lance had often visited them, offering them jobs and new homes, they refused his presence.'
  11. 'Sensing my fatigue, Harry kindly offered me his guest bedroom for a welcomed nap.'
  12. with direct speech '‘Can I help you, dear?’ a kindly voice offered'
  13. 'Two men driving a blue Transit van with ladders on its roof called to the home of the elderly couple offering to fix their guttering.'
  14. 'Why did Ernest offer to fix the plane free of charge after not receiving payment for the first job?'
  15. 'Charlie arched an inquisitive eyebrow at her new friend who had so kindly offered to drive her home.'
  16. 'This act reminds me of a kindly uncle who offers to read the children a bedtime story, and chooses Dracula.'
  17. 'In July the company mailed recall letters offering to fix any defects for free.'
  18. 'In an instant, a towing company arrived and offered to fix the problem and pull the boat off the shoal.'
  19. 'The guy beside me very kindly offered to swap with me when this giant came and sat in front of me!'
  20. 'He kindly offered to give them a lift to the harbour, although he was slightly displeased when he realised how much luggage there was going to be.'
  21. 'Lucia, the beauty therapist, told me to apply the different mud treatments by myself, although she kindly offered to do my back.'
  22. 'He kindly offered to change a couple of the words from the original transcript for greater clarity.'
  23. 'He also plans to make inroads by offering discount medical insurance products to small businesses.'
  24. 'TMA tends to pinpoint specific routes where it thinks it can make money, and then offers flights on those routes.'
  25. 'Nallatech offers the highest performance-density available on the market today.'
  26. 'Flying time is seven hours and there's a slew of world-class airlines battling it out to offer the cheapest fares.'
  27. 'The sofas are being offered for sale in supermarket car parks and on motorway service stations.'
  28. 'It offered the finest decor available when it opened in 1977 and has changed little since.'
  29. 'E4 is also offering regional advertising opportunities for Irish companies.'
  30. 'Internet Service Providers offer similar services for internal or hosted content.'
  31. 'It currently operates over 400 flights per week and offers scheduled services to and from Farranfore.'
  32. 'The aircraft carrier HMS Invincible was even offered for sale to Argentina.'
  33. 'villagers have gone to offer prayers for the souls of the sailors'
  34. 'In order to calm a sea monster that hid on the bottom of the sea, a girl was offered up as a sacrifice each year.'
  35. 'If you don't want to lose something unexpectedly, offer something up to begin with.'
  36. 'Furthermore, the patients were unaware that prayers were being offered on their behalf.'
  37. 'And Abraham went and took the ram and offered it up as a sacrifice in place of his son.'
  38. 'There have been so many prayers and messages offered on my behalf.'
Provide (access or an opportunity)
  1. 'the opportunities which the economic recovery will offer'
  2. 'The site offers easy access to over 6000 holiday homes of all shapes, sizes and prices worldwide.'
  3. 'It may allow you to develop a particular skill that offers unlimited opportunity.'
  4. 'It is a highly rewarding career, offering unlimited opportunities but requires a high degree of commitment, dedication and hard work.'
  5. 'It also offered easy access to Macedonian lands, which were not part of the new Bulgarian state.'
  6. 'Web based learning offers huge opportunities for learning and access to a vast amount of knowledge and information.'
  7. 'The work itself is expected to be routine, not offering much opportunity for career growth.'
  8. 'The club offers access to the two darkrooms on campus and provides material for film developing and printing.'
  9. 'He said it was an attractive site because it offered easy access to the motorway network, and there was also the potential to gain European funding.'
  10. 'It offers easy access via various land and air routes.'
  11. 'No other nation in the world offers such easy access to its complete academic research output in digital form, the researchers claim.'
  12. 'The enormous fish, which measured nearly 2m in length, strangely offered little resistance and was hauled up to the boat.'
  13. 'Iraqi tanks came under withering fire, and Iraqi troops once again offered little resistance.'
  14. 'Rosenborg should, on the face of it, offer little resistance to Madrid's progress to the quarter-finals.'
  15. 'Croatia had offered spirited resistance then but not much going forward.'
  16. 'Clydebank are doomed, but they clearly do not intend to lie down and accept their fate without offering some resistance.'
  17. 'What resistance can be offered to tyranny where each individual is weak…?'
  18. 'In the gorge the remnants of the Taliban lines offered little resistance.'
  19. 'The Iraqi army disintegrated before the onslaught, offering only token resistance.'
  20. 'James, refusing the advice of his senior staff to withdraw to the Shannon, offered William battle.'
Put something in place to assess its appearance or fit.


    An expression of readiness to do or give something if desired.
    1. with infinitive 'he had accepted Mallory's offer to buy him a drink'
    2. 'You can make an offer to buy but the seller can accept or refuse the offer.'
    3. 'In fact, the defendants never gave the plaintiff any written offer of employment.'
    4. 'A simple apology and an offer of help for my son would have sufficed.'
    5. 'There was no offer of employment at the end of the training period.'
    6. 'The government has a reconciliation program that offers amnesty and jobs.'
    7. 'Since being noticed on the show and receiving two Golden Globes he has received numerous lucrative job offers.'
    8. 'At present this information is found out by would-be purchasers after their offer to buy a home has been accepted.'
    9. 'Any offers of food, money, or dvds will be greatly appreciated.'
    10. 'But such was my desire to make myself look more attractive I accepted her offer.'
    11. 'His offers of assistance have been generous and more than we could ever expect.'
    12. 'the prospective purchaser who made the highest offer'
    13. 'The apartment comes with designated parking and the agents are seeking offers in excess of €290,000.'
    14. 'Though several colas showed interest, the most attractive offer came from British Telecom.'
    15. 'The agent is seeking offers in the region of £960,000 for the properties.'
    16. 'And now they can't possibly refuse his immensely generous offer.'
    17. 'No one is revealing the exact amount of the offers, but rumours suggest that they are around $500,000.'
    18. 'The figures were for regular shelf prices, with special offers excluded.'
    19. 'Special offers include three nights, dinner, bed and breakfast for 99 per person.'
    20. 'Aer Lingus discount flight offers do not include taxes and charges.'
    21. 'The official deadline for fans to take advantage of the discount offer before prices are hiked up is Sunday.'
    22. 'Then the restaurant ran a series of special offers.'
    23. 'Increased competition between the three mobile operators has led to greater prices and special offers in recent years.'
    24. 'He has also come up with a number of innovative price offers.'
    25. 'Not everyone gets to see and buy a whole range of home appliances, all under one roof, with special offers and major discounts.'
    26. 'But keep your eyes peeled for special offers throughout the year.'
    27. 'Slow summer bookings have prompted offers of 1970s prices for package holidays.'
    28. 'the conceited wretch chose to interpret my amiability of temper his own way, and at length he actually made me an offer'
    29. 'While the woman whines, Mr. Collins comes in and takes back his offer of marriage.'
    30. 'He returned her love, providing her with a step up socially by his offer of marriage.'
    31. 'She refused all offers of marriage.'
    32. 'Had she not chosen the path of abstinence like her father had, she might of taken his offer of marriage.'
    33. 'As for the offer of marriage, I would not say that I was tempted.'
    34. 'How many offers of marriage and just sailing off into the sunset had she received, yet she couldn't just up and leave her family.'
    35. 'And, can you imagine, she has barely been out two months and has already had two offers of marriage.'
    36. 'The association called on the police to vigorously enforce laws related to abduction regardless of offers of marriage.'
    37. 'Even his final offer of marriage to Isabella becomes a demonstration of brutal authority.'

    More definitions

    1. to present for acceptance or rejection; proffer: He offered me a cigarette.

    2. to propose or put forward for consideration: to offer a suggestion.

    3. to propose or volunteer (to do something): She offered to accompany me.

    4. to make a show of intention (to do something): We did not offer to go first.

    5. to give, make, or promise: She offered no response.

    6. to present solemnly as an act of worship or devotion, as to God, a deity or a saint; sacrifi

    More examples(as adjective)

    "mergers can be offer at prices."

    "objectives can be offer in rainforests."

    "objectives can be offer between dates."

    "hotels can be offer for moneys."

    "bonds can be offer to buyers."

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    Old English offrian ‘sacrifice something to a deity’, of Germanic origin, from Latin offerre ‘bestow, present’ (in ecclesiastical Latin ‘offer to God’), reinforced by French offrir (which continued to express the primary sense). The noun ( late Middle English) is from French offre.


    have something to offer
    offer one's hand
    on offer
    open to offers