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Causing someone to feel resentful, upset, or annoyed.
  1. 'offensive language'
  2. 'He didn't say anything too offensive, but his eyes mocked her.'
  3. 'The FCC definition of indecency focuses on language deemed patently offensive by community broadcast standards.'
  4. 'Therefore, it would not be considered offensive in nature.'
  5. 'Officials have always been able to send off players who use offensive, abusive or insulting language, but now that definition's been extended to cover gestures too.'
  6. 'There will be people who find the above image highly offensive and insensitive.'
  7. 'I found the tone of your comments surprisingly offensive, which is very unusual for me.'
  8. 'Apparently, it was deemed too offensive by the BBC in 1962.'
  9. 'Bart said he was deeply sorry for the offensive language.'
  10. 'By this point Aunt Sally has moved on to the next offensive remark.'
  11. 'Yes, I know this message could be offensive to certain people.'
  12. 'Be advised that if you encounter people who do carry an offensive odor, do not just tell them they stink.'
  13. 'What's wrong with admitting that some smells are offensive?'
  14. 'But if the smell is offensive, you need to tackle it along with the athlete's foot.'
  15. 'It will not have the offensive smell of raw pig waste and will hopefully be available to farmers at less than the cost of imported fertilisers.'
  16. 'In a three-month period, there were 33 disruptive incidents in total, most relating to having an offensive smell or verbal abuse.'
  17. 'A place where those who find offensive the sight of their neighbours walking down the street now have their very own Commission to complain to.'
  18. 'Chimney-sweeps, on the other hand, formed distinct and coherent communities, their filthy appearance and offensive smell forcing them into collective isolation.'
  19. 'A doctor friend of ours kindly provided a large supply of surgical masks which I wore constantly to mask the imaginary offensive smells emitting from the kitchen.'
  20. 'I'm just glad we will be spared the sight of this offensive spectacle.'
  21. 'Other offensive odours can come from areas such as the refrigerator, garbage bins, including indoor compost buckets, musty drawers and even shoes.'
Actively aggressive; attacking.
  1. 'They are most proud of the fact that they could quickly shift gears from force protection operations to direct offensive combat without missing a beat.'
  2. 'Apparently, the framers believed in a distinction between aggressive or offensive war and defensive military measures.'
  3. 'The MCS will provide direct and beyond-line-of-sight offensive firepower.'
  4. 'It will be the hub of all logistics support for combat forces conducting offensive operations in littoral regions.'
  5. 'Historically, urban warfare has been among the most difficult offensive operations, leaving many attackers and defenders dead.'
  6. 'They never used offensive power to enlarge national territories at the expense of others.'
  7. 'In planning the war, Japan set clearly aggressive, offensive tasks.'
  8. 'Victories won through aggressive offensive action would give a small army a moral ascendancy over its foes, allowing it to obtain decisive victory.'
  9. 'Securing the base meant conducting offensive ground combat operations.'
  10. 'As hostilities unfold and become tenser, the sides will inevitably launch multiple defensive and offensive operations.'
  11. 'he is also accused of possessing an offensive weapon'
  12. 'A weapon with one but not both characteristics should not be considered offensive.'
  13. 'They found 13 firearms and 266 offensive weapons.'
  14. 'In August 1992 Williams was convicted of trespassing with an offensive weapon and was given a 12-month conditional discharge.'
  15. 'One consequence of the increased sophistication of offensive weapons has been the increased sophistication of defensive strategies.'
  16. 'Seizures of drugs and offensive weapons other than guns, during stop and searches were also the highest outside the Metropolitan Police force.'
  17. 'The police currently have the power to stop and search people in connection with the carrying of knives and other offensive weapons.'
  18. 'The rapid technological development of offensive weapons posed a serious challenge to air defenders.'
  19. 'Building defenses to stop offensive missiles has gone global, as well it should.'
  20. 'To achieve these goals, he is likely to use the entire range of his aerospace offensive weapons.'
  21. 'Characteristics of offensive weapons are improved, enabling them to be used, quite soon, both in airspace and outer space.'
  22. 'There are many reasons why people say Anthony Munoz is greatest offensive lineman ever.'
  23. 'Still, there are a lot of options for teams in need of offensive playmakers.'
  24. 'He is a solid on the ball defender, which makes up for his unorthodox offensive game.'
  25. 'I think tight ends who can block are appreciated even less than offensive linemen.'
  26. 'There aren't enough great offensive defensemen to go around.'
  27. 'They need to score with their defense and get a lot of offensive rebounds.'
  28. 'The offensive team passes the ball from man to man while the defense adjusts and follows the ball.'
  29. 'AFC West observers aren't sure the Chargers can last with their offensive line.'
  30. 'Malone is averaging 1.7 offensive rebounds, well under his career mark of 2.5.'
  31. 'He has the height and weight NFL teams desire in an offensive tackle.'


An attacking military campaign.
  1. 'Who is likely to benefit from such a bizarre war, a military offensive prosecuted as an exercise in risk-avoidance?'
  2. 'Reflecting Soviet military doctrine, the DPRK has traditionally viewed chemical weapons as an integral part of any military offensive.'
  3. 'Forces launched an offensive to retake the region at the beginning of May.'
  4. 'In December 1998 the alliance began an offensive to retake Freetown and in January overran most of the city.'
  5. 'Tonight, the United States stepping up its offensive against insurgents after violence escalates dramatically.'
  6. 'Rebels in the country's oil-rich Niger delta have threatened to attack oil facilities unless the military halts an offensive.'
  7. 'Planning offensives, like military campaigns or space probes, are given virile, go-get-'em titles.'
  8. 'Insofar as details are available, the plan involved both a military offensive in the north and a coup attempt in the capital.'
  9. 'As a result of government military offensives, the people have suffered from death and serious injury, food shortages, homelessness and internal displacement.'
  10. 'Yet, once again, the response of the ruling elite is to insist that there can be no retreat and to launch a number of military offensives in Iraq.'
  11. 'the need to launch an offensive against crime'
  12. 'In a short period Reebok India has become the market leader; it has even found it necessary to launch an offensive against counterfeiting of its products.'
  13. 'Minority shareholders in the beermaker are gearing up for a court battle in their continued em>offensive against the majority owner.'
  14. 'The president's first offensive against social security has already been pushed onto the back burner.'
  15. 'I think the issue of file-sharing requires something of a public relations offensive, not a legal battering.'
  16. 'From 1967 to 1982 he was in charge of the KGB, where he pursued very successful offensives against political dissidents and against corruption.'
  17. 'The bosses' organisation is pushing for an offensive against workers.'
  18. 'Alongside the offensive against social rights, basic democratic rights are also under fire.'
  19. 'He said the ICSA would next week mount an offensive at EU level with other farm organisations to secure a higher ewe premium.'
  20. 'But I am puzzled by the apparent conviction that the golden rice project is somehow compromised by the industry offensive.'
  21. 'Yorkshire Water today went on to a public relations offensive targeting both its business and domestic customers.'


1. causing resentful displeasure; highly irritating, angering, or annoying: offensive television commercials.

2. unpleasant or disagreeable to the sense: an offensive odor.

3. repugnant to the moral sense, good taste, or the like; insulting: an offensive remark; an offensive joke.

4. pertaining to offense or attack: the offensive movements of their troops.

5. characterized by attack; aggressive: offensive warfare. noun

6. the position or attitude of aggression or at

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be offensive to people."

"yeses can be offensive for people."

"styles can be offensive to inhabitants."

"stamps can be offensive to germans."

"somes can be offensive to establishments."

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Mid 16th century: from French offensif, -ive or medieval Latin offensivus, from Latin offens- ‘struck against’, from the verb offendere (see offend).


be on the offensive
go on (to) the offensive (or take the offensive)