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Not coinciding with the beat.
  1. 'A carefree clarinet solo is offbeat but still manages to be a perfect fit.'
  2. 'More rolling piano and offbeat horns punctuate an almost New Orleans feel in the chorus.'
  3. 'Between the offbeat strum, subterranean bass and rock-steady drumming, they leave gaps that other bands would nervously clutter with ephemera.'
  4. 'As her foot tried to join in with the tune, the rhythm that followed sounded offbeat and dying.'
  5. 'He knew the steps, but the music was offbeat this time.'
  6. 'The ‘bombs’ mentioned in the poem refer to a musical term used to describe the strong offbeat accents used by drummers that were particularly influential during the bebop period of jazz.'
Unconventional; unusual.
  1. 'The film, not the band, is a delightful little offbeat story that still retains its strange power to move me after 30 years.'
  2. 'Over the weeks, we came to the conclusion that the more offbeat, the more weird it is, the better it works.'
  3. 'It looked a bit offbeat, away from the commonplace, conventional boutiques where the normal celebrities would be found.'
  4. 'The offbeat mode in which he looks at men and matters, individuals and issues will reflect in the different perspective that the serial adopts.'
  5. 'We're sitting in her car, and she has the radio on low, playing some offbeat song.'
  6. 'Dr. Seuss has been one of the most unusual and offbeat children's authors in literature.'
  7. 'Second, we're not afraid to use quirky or offbeat tactics to sell books.'
  8. 'I love their offbeat flair, their stylized dialogue, their unusual stories.'
  9. 'It is also a novel full of offbeat plot twists and chance events.'
  10. 'The owners have recently refurbished the attic space and now regularly hold offbeat theatrical events and musical evenings up there.'


Any of the normally unaccented beats in a bar.
  1. 'The album climaxes with this strange 2003 anthem, a trawl through a dark sewer full of bass, lots of negative space, and strange, rattling offbeats.'
  2. 'McDowell's guitar playing on these songs was all about rhythm, a distinctive syncopated chug that emphasized the offbeats and often stayed on a single chord.'
  3. 'On this song, a mutant dancehall pattern bumps to static offbeats and a hiccuping vocal that's an integral part of the groove.'


1. differing from the usual or expected; unconventional: an offbeat comedian. noun

2. Music. an unaccented beat of a measure.

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"showcases can be offbeat."

"people can be offbeat."

"issues can be offbeat."

"humours can be offbeat."

"engagements can be offbeat."

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