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The entrails and internal organs of an animal used as food.
  1. count noun 'a ban on infective offals being fed to pigs'
  2. 'A main course of veal and veal offal was very good indeed.'
  3. 'At this point I realised that although I had always hated offal of any kind, I had actually missed eating certain meats, really missed them.'
  4. 'I was listening to a farmer on the radio who said: ‘We don't just scrape up diseased sheep offal and feed it to cows.’'
  5. 'And, for the most part, the dishes didn't rely on offal or odd ingredients - no nose-to-tail cooking here.'
  6. 'Foods to avoid include red meat, particularly game, offal, beef, pork and lamb.'
  7. 'The foundation said consumers should for the time being avoid eating beef offal.'
  8. 'Industry analysts say the meat is filling shelves left empty by Japan's continuing ban on US beef and offal, after a single case of BSE was detected late last year.'
  9. 'Around 10 makers of tripe and animal feed received offal and meat products from the same BSE-tainted herd.'
  10. 'The firm was one of seven renderers in the state that processed animal offal into meat and bonemeal.'
  11. 'These are made of liver, fat bacon, and sometimes sweetbreads or other offal or lean pork, with garlic, sometimes shallots, and herbs and spices - but not with breadcrumbs or other cereal.'
  12. 'the packing plant dumped its offal into the stream'
  13. 'While disappointed that someone would dump offal, he said he had been encouraged by the council's response to his call.'
  14. 'The early targets had been water supplies contaminated by human waste, slaughterhouse offal, and garbage.'
  15. 'Though our smaller processors may not be able to sell offal as the larger plants do, they can certainly bypass rendering plant fees and even sell the finished compost.'
  16. 'There's still that familiar stench, a mixture of open sewers, rotting rubbish and offal from street butchers' stalls mixed with dust and petrol fumes.'
  17. 'The dragonfly is a sleek, graceful insect that doesn't deserve to have its reputation sullied by being associated with this pile of offal.'
  18. 'Large aggregations of birds can be found behind fishing boats, feeding on offal.'

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1. the parts of a butchered animal that are considered inedible by human beings; carrion.

2. the parts of a butchered animal removed in dressing; viscera.

3. refuse; rubbish; garbage.

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"values can be offal."

"parts can be offal."

"contents can be offal."

"purchases can be offal."

"products can be offal."

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Late Middle English (in the sense ‘refuse from a process’): probably suggested by Middle Dutch afval, from af ‘off’ + vallen ‘to fall’.