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A white colour with a grey or yellowish tinge.
  1. 'Cream and off-white appeals to a wide audience and most people can contentedly ‘live with it’ in a new house.'
  2. 'There are some great designs in off-white jackets - they look good with one of our designer linen shirts.'
  3. 'If you want an added detail on your shoe, go for a pair with off-white stitching.'
  4. 'White or off-white is always a safe bet in terms of color selection.'
  5. 'The opening shot reveals the hallway, painted a soft, off-white colour.'
  6. 'I slipped on a pair of off-white heels, grabbed my purse and ran downstairs.'
  7. 'He changes his off-white shirt for a beige one that makes him look, if anything, even more preternaturally pale.'
  8. 'The guy looked ultra-cool in his off-white muscle tee and a pair of beige Dockers.'
  9. 'His colour palette was more along the lines of a sombre grey, black, various shades of brown and off-white.'
  10. 'He said the man was wearing off-white board shorts, no shirt and had a shaved head.'

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1. white mixed with a small amount of gray, yellow, or other light color.


2. an off-white color.

More examples(as adjective)

"trouserses can be off-white."

"wallpapers can be off-white."

"walls can be off-white."

"vans can be off-white."

"towels can be off-white."

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