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Having or giving off an odour.
  1. 'According to the manufacturer, newater is clearer, less odorous and less bacterial than the water people get from the Public Utilities Board.'
  2. 'So you can imagine my surprise when I open the door to find two odorous men, half-heartedly mumbling that they're here to ‘move me’.'
  3. 'I am not sure if all dumps are this smelly - I know that all dumps are odorous - but it was stinky.'
  4. 'But what happens to these odorous, spring-laden behemoths?'
  5. 'It was a Naples of the north, ‘a picturesque, odorous, inconvenient, old - fashioned town’.'
  6. 'And where would they keep the odorous billy-goat until he was needed for the next session?'
  7. '‘Comparisons’, one of Shakespeare's finest word-muddlers tell us, ‘are odorous.’'


1. odoriferous.

More examples(as adjective)

"substances can be odorous."

"gases can be odorous."

"compounds can be odorous."

"molecules can be odorous."

"streams can be odorous."

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Late Middle English: from Latin odorus ‘fragrant’ (from odor ‘odour’) + -ous.