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Having or giving off a smell, especially an unpleasant one.
  1. 'A buck can be quite odoriferous, and his strong, musky scent can permeate the milk.'
  2. 'Whatever it took to protect this odoriferous shady swamp of a place was worth it.'
  3. 'To shower I have to step through the odoriferous scum floating in the water.'
  4. 'Disaster struck when he attempted to adjust its exhaust and instead emptied the odoriferous contents of its sewage tank.'
  5. 'This should help you maximize the anabolic effects of garlic while minimizing its odoriferous effect on your training partner.'
  6. 'Fill your empty backpack with a freshly baked baguette, a fine, odoriferous fromage, a bottle of red, some fruit and you're good to go.'
  7. 'Full of excellent illustrations, the authors tackle this notoriously odoriferous issue with verve and simplicity.'


1. yielding or diffusing an odor.

More examples(as adjective)

"substances can be odoriferous."

"purchases can be odoriferous."

"particles can be odoriferous."

"obnoxiousnesses can be odoriferous."

"feet can be odoriferous."

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Late Middle English: from Latin odorifer ‘odour-bearing’ + -ous.