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A hypothetical power once thought to pervade nature and account for various scientific phenomena.


    Take an overdose of a drug.
    1. 'The first time I OD'd, I think it really hit me that this is really not that fun, you know.'
    2. 'Then his nephew nearly OD's on meth, allowing the brutal vengeance to begin.'
    3. 'But good for him: he OD'd on a drug that hasn't really hit mainstream awareness yet.'
    4. 'When she was just seven years old her daddy OD'd.'
    5. 'Last year they airlifted some kid out of Enchanted 2003, his respiratory system had shut down after OD'ing on Eccys.'
    6. 'I almost OD'd on mushroom salad'
    7. 'Not one performance failed to give me some fresh insight into a composer I thought I had OD'd on long ago.'
    8. 'I'm going to have to lower my standards big time if I want to be able to get through it without OD'ing due to stress over failure.'


    An overdose of a narcotic drug.

      Ordnance datum.

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        1. a hypothetical force formerly held to pervade all nature and to manifest itself in magnetism, mesmerism, chemical action, etc.

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        "wars can be od."

        "emissions can be od."

        "capacities can be od."


        Mid 19th century: arbitrary term coined in German by Baron von Reichenbach (1788–1869), German scientist.