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A group of eight people or things.
  1. 'A joint initiative with BBC Talent, the octet flew to the jungles of Borneo to undertake a project to save the life of endangered orang-utans in the area.'
  2. 'The Robinsons' octet of ancient urban cats were all too scared to do anything about the rats and slept all day in the cosy comfort of the Aga corner.'
  3. 'The first couple octets are the manufacturer, the middle are the device, and the final are like serial numbers.'
  4. 'The data unit is then divided into segments 1 to m of a fixed-length, 45 octets.'
  5. 'Tonight, Wakefield Jazz presents Sax Appeal, a long-established octet which features five saxophones, led by Derek Nash.'
  6. 'If I'd have known she was part of the screeching octet, I would have cleaned up a bit better.'
  7. 'As Above, So Below finds Julian in a calmer mood than the usual galloping momentum of his octet line-up.'
  8. 'Love Of Light, the octet's second album, is an occasionally beautiful mess.'
  9. 'The enterprising young Mr Sheriff has won Arts Council funding for the octet.'
  10. 'John of Gaunt entered five groups in this year's regional festival including its wind band, low brass ensemble and trombone octet.'
  11. 'Long at the vanguard of twenty-something folk angst, Scottish octet Belle and Sebastian have been keeping it quiet for the last year.'
  12. 'Jamil's octet tour last year and his CD Daydreams received enthusiastic reviews.'
  13. 'The octet will go on to perform the Dvorak anniversary concert at Castle Howard on Tuesday.'
  14. 'Arriaga was second fiddle in a string quartet at nine years of age, and two years later wrote an octet.'
  15. 'In spite of his modest output, Louis Ferdinand is regarded as the first to compose for the piano septet and octet mediums.'
  16. 'Here is the octet as it is called, the first eight lines of the sonnet.'
  17. 'The octet rule is used when drawing Lewis dot structures.'
  18. 'The noble gas atoms have a complete octet of electrons in the outermost shell.'
  19. 'The octet rule is followed in so many compounds it is a useful guide.'

More definitions

1. a company of eight singers or musicians.

2. a musical composition for eight voices or instruments.

3. Prosody. octave (def 4).

4. any group of eight.

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"years can be octet."

"settings can be octet."

"scherzos can be octet."


Mid 19th century: from Italian ottetto or German Oktett, on the pattern of duet and quartet.